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All about Cleaning Offices
Published on Thursday, 22 November 2012

If you hire a cleaning company to clean your office premises, you can see that they work according to a specific routine which gives a quick and efficient result that stays. The service is quite routine and straightforward and it's actually easy to be implemented by anyone who starts a cleaning business. Here are the basic stages of cleaning an office space.

1.    Removing the trash: The office is a place that produces lots of trash on a daily basis: food, packets, paper, etc. The bins should be emptied on a daily basis and this is perhaps the easiest cleaning chore.

2.    Vacuuming and mopping: The floors get dirty quite quickly and the dirt is usually quite visible at the office.

3.    Windows cleaning: A good and presentable office has sparkling clean windows; there really is no excuse for stained and dusty windows. It makes quite a bad impression on both employees and visitors to the office.

4.    Restrooms cleaning: Another major task which needs careful attention. The whole area should be mopped, wiped down and cleaned with a stain remover on a regular basis.

5.    Furniture cleaning: The furniture pieces at the office get stained and dusty quite quickly, so a regular wipe down and stain removing are essential.

These routine cleaning chores are usually done after the working day finishes (after 5.00 pm). Some offices that work on shifts are even cleaned at night or early in the morning. When doing an office cleanup the best method is cleaning in a circular pattern - this way the cleaner doesn't risk missing an important area. Areas such as the air-conditioner, the top of the shelves, the drawers' doors, the area around the computers, under the keyboards and others are often forgotten. The dust that accumulates on the computers' screens, on the cords and cables and on the printers and other electronics can even impede their work.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is a good idea, but remember that expecting great results from a once a week cleanup is a bit of a high expectation. Keeping the office clean is more about frequency than anything else. It's the same with cleaning your home. You can't expect it to stay perfectly clean for days if you don't do anything. The office has a few quite dirty areas that need almost everyday care. Identify these areas, pay attention to the high traffic areas and think whether using carpets and rugs is a good idea. It all depends on the type of business and how big the office is of course. If you can't afford to use cleaning services on a daily basis, ask each employee to take their bin bag out at the end of the working day or to place their trash in a big bin that everyone uses at the office. This will make getting rid of all the trash at once much easier. The air filters of the air-conditioners should be changed regularly - this is an area that accumulates lots of dust and by changing them frequently you will reduce the levels of dust in the office and you will improve the air quality considerably. When hiring a maid to clean the office, make sure they have the three top qualities: speed, preciseness and efficiency as they are key factors for a clean office.

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