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Basic Steps to Clean the Kitchen
Published on Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The kitchen is the one part of your home that has to be always clean. People say that the kitchen is the woman's room. This is the place, where women spend most of their time at home, cooking. Everyone loves a clean and neat kitchen, where everything has its own place, and it just looks wonderful . The kitchen is the place, where the whole family spends some time together, having dinner or a cup of coffee. However, cleaning the kitchen is not so easy and takes a lot of time.

If you are having some troubles with this, here are some easy steps which you can follow to make the cleaning easier.
First start by washing all the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, it will be easier, but if not , you have to wash them by yourself. You should wash your plates, dishes and cups with a washing soap. Be careful with the glasses, since they can easily get broken.

When you are done with this part, proceed by cleaning the dust from the shelves. Make sure to clean all the shelves, where you usually keep your dishes and plates. A good idea will be to dust them and then clean them with water , to make sure that all the dust is removed.

After the shelves come the kitchen appliances. Carefully clean the fridge to remove the dust and dirt. If you have more time, you can clean it inside as well, when first removing all the food you have in there.

The next appliance to clean is the oven. Most women have a hard time cleaning the oven, since it is regularly used and easily becomes dirty. Make sure to clean the oven with the appropriate cleaning detergent, which can easily remove every little spot. If you want your oven to sparkle, you need to give yourself more time and clean it better. Make sure to remove a burned food on the pan as well, with water and a dish soap. If this is not enough, you can use a variety of other cleaning supplies for the pan. Have in mind, that you have to clean the pan every time you are cooking, to ensure that there will be no burned food to clean the next time.

When you are done with all the appliances, which probably will take you half an hour with a careful cleaning, you can sweep the floor. Remember that only sweeping will not be enough to perfectly clean your kitchen , you need to use a cleaning detergent to remove easily the dirt and all the microbes.

When finished with all the appliances, you can wash the tablecloth and all other covers in the washing machine, so they will be clean when you place them back.

If you have regularly kept your kitchen clean and neat, it should not take you more than two hours to clean. If you want to save some time, I suggest you clean your kitchen at least two times a week. This may sound too much, but think how much time you spend cooking there and eating. The more time you spend in one room, the easier it is to become messy and dirty.

While cooking we often spill or drop something on the floor. When this happens, you need to clean the sport immediately and don't leave it for the next time you are cleaning. That is why you should always have some cleaning detergents in your home. Although, some people prefer using just water to clean, for better results I suggest you use cleaning products as well.

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