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How to Wash and Dry Clothes
Published on Saturday, 08 September 2012

Washing clothes according to fabrics are essential, as it determines the article life and integrity.
Wool items can be softening while washing with a teaspoon of glycerin added to the final water rinse. When washing wool jerseys it is useful to use baking soda. It helps to eliminate the smell of sweat and freshens the color. Be sure to rinse well after clothes.

Wash in water with soaked beans old wool sweater to restore its original appearance.
 It is necessary to know how to properly care for synthetics. Synthetics have to be washed more frequently than other fabric. If the clothes are made of synthetics after no more than 5 dressings, they should be sent to the laundry. The problem is that synthetic fibers have the ability to absorb perspiration, which leads to textile contamination.

The white of white socks will return after soaking for 1-2 hours in a solution of boric acid, consisting of 2 tablespoons acid to 10 liters water. If you occasionally boil clothes, you can add to the water ammonia, a tablespoon per 10 liters of water.
Dip the soft and fluffy terry clothes in salty water, and it is better not to stir.

In order to wash small items easy use plastic bag. This technique allows wetting items and saving detergent. It is a very convenient way to wash tights and stockings. Moreover, if before using nylon products, they're boiled, they will last longer.
Handkerchiefs can be washed, if soaked in warm water with table salt, then rinsed.

Soak new jeans in a strong salt solution for 12 hours before the first wash, this will keep their color longer. In the washing machine turn them inside out. Don't squeeze jeans.

When washing jackets they may mat down. To avoid this, you need to put in the washing machine tennis balls, as they will be evenly distributed. Wash jackets on a 40 degrees water temperature.

Sodium chloride is an indispensable tool for wash. Mix 20 grams of salt per liter water for rinsing. This will keep the colors bright and black silk and chiffon.

Yellow and blue silk can be freshened up with a orange peel, while blue and red colors are preserved with baking soda added to the water.

Soak in salt water net curtains improve their appearance. Also, lace curtains can be washed in a solution of methylene and milk, which improves the condition and type of curtains.

Pinch of salt will give a fresh shines to clothes. It is not advised to starch handkerchiefs and other articles that come into contact with the skin.

If you are afraid to use soap for washing flannels, it is better to use soap-glycerin solution.
Warm soapy water will restore suede gloves if you wash them, putting them on your hands. After that, rinse the gloves, go trough them with wet tower and apply glycerin. Dry on dark and cool place, after that put them again on your hands and clean the gloves with a soft brush.

To return the shine to buttons, you can use clear nail polish.

Drying laundry is the next important stage when taking care of clothes. The type of textile specifies the way of hanging and whether a dryer can be used.

A place in the open air is ideal for drying clothes. The jerseys are recommended to dry, laid on a vertical plane, because when hanged, they can crumple. Don't wring out men's shirts and dry it using a coat hanger.

Wash dirty shirt collars and cuffs off adding to the washing powder hydrogen peroxide. The water should be hot - 80-90 degrees.

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