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Lighting and Dust
Published on Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The positive attitude is necessary for proper organization of the cleaning process at home. Any work should be approached with a good mood, and cleaning the house is no exception to this rule. If you have already realized that cleaning can not be avoided do not take the form of a martyr in prison. It is better to use the method of forecasting - imagine what a clean and comfortable will be your apartment after the cleaning. Turn on your favorite music and, if desired sing along, start cleaning.
When cleaning the apartment do not forget about such important things as chandeliers and lamps. Prior to cleaning, pull the cord to the power outlet. To clean the chandeliers and lighting fixtures of dirt, use a brush dipped in warm water with soap and soda. Wipe dry. Try not washing wiring.

If the chandelier is covered by a metal surface, do not rub it hard - you might accidentally discolor it. Such a surface is perfectly cleaned with a mixture of tooth powder and liquid ammonia. Once it is dry - wipe with a dry cloth. This mixture is suitable for cleaning glass ceilings and crystal chandeliers. The most common lampshades can be simply removed and washed in warm water with soap.

Details of the metal should be cleaned with a dry cloth to avoid the appearance of rust. Wooden parts should be first cleaned with a damp cloth, then dry rag.

If you dust bulbs from time to time this will save a little electricity. Dust reduces to 70% of the light intensity. If the light is very dusty you should wiped it off with a wet cloth soaked in mild soap solution with a few drops of ammonia. Then it should be dryed. In this case be sure to turn off the electricity!

Wipe off spots from flies with cotton wool, soaked in methylated spirits or vodka.
If you have a paper lamp or fixture with an oil paint coating  use a normal eraser to clean the lamp. Silk shade is well cleaned with a brush, pre-moistened in acetone or gasoline.

How to deal with dust
One of the main tools in the fight against various types of dust is wet cleaning. It must be carried out as often as possible, if it is possible to wash the floors every day clean them every day! Do not forget to pay particular attention to the hidden places for the human eye - cupboard corners, sofa bed and other furniture. Run with a cloth (wet or dry - depending on the type of surface) through the bedside table, chest of drawers, shelves, consumer and digital technology (especially the TV screen and computer monitor gather a lot of dust).

Advanced technology also can help housewives, puzzled over how to deal with dust. Good for wet cleaning are the specially designed anti-bacterial wipes with significant effect. They perfectly clean surfaces, disinfect them, polish, making them shine. Another way to substitute regular cleaning of the dust rag on something more effective is to use a microfiber cloth. Wet wipes for cleaning and microfiber cloths can be purchased at any store everyday.

You should refrain from sweeping with a broom, because in this case the dust rises into the air, staying on other surfaces, as well as getting into the airways. The vacuum cleaner (if not washing), is also not a panacea for the dust in the air, leaving up to 30% of this substance. So cleaning with a vacuum cleaner definitely needs to be finished by wiping the floor with a damp cloth.

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