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Tips for Speed Cleaning
Published on Friday, 16 November 2012

Cleaning is nobody's favourite house task and the biggest reason for this is because it's time-consuming and tiresome. With a busy schedule, the last thing you have time for, is cleaning. If you tend to procrastinate and postpone cleaning until it's absolutely inevitable, then you need to change your cleaning methods and habits. One of the ways is to learn how to clean quickly, so you don't feel like you are spending too much free time on this task. A speed cleaning will make you feel like you've done a lot without wasting too much energy or time, so you won't dread cleaning that much. There are some useful suggestions for speed cleaning which can help you a lot. Here is a list of the basic ones which you can follow next time you clean.

Keep Your Supplies Together:

This rule will definitely help you have a quick cleanup. Have a bucket or a box with cleaning products and supplies that you can carry with you while you clean. Place it in the room you are cleaning and you will save lots of time as you will have everything within reach.

Turn Up the Music:

Many people notice that listening to upbeat music makes them clean faster. There is just something about music that makes us more energetic in everything we do. If you listen to music while cleaning, no task would feel like a burden. Have your mp3 player ready or make a CD with music for cleaning. It may look like too much effort, but you will instantly see the difference it makes.

Start With the Toughest Room:

Starting with your least favourite area in the house is a good rule to stick to. Get it out of the way and the rest will seem much easier and much more pleasurable. Don't procrastinate and simply get it over with. Moreover, in the beginning of a cleanup we are the most motivated, so cleaning the hardest room first won't be that difficult.

Clean Every Day:

The biggest problem with cleaning is that we wait until it is proper dirty in various places at home to start cleaning. The better method is to clean as you go. When you see a dirty spot, simply clean it. If you spill something, deal with the mess. This will save you plenty of time.

Be Careful With Cleaners:

Using a big amount of cleaning product won't make a stain go away and in fact, it can backfire. Don't mix commercial cleaners and make sure there is good ventilation when cleaning. Remember that even the best cleaning product doesn't work instantly, as it's not magic. Leave it to soak a bit on the area you are treating and spend time on another spot while waiting.

Start at The Top:

This rule is very useful for both wiping down windows and dusting furniture. Always start at the top and then proceed down. This way you can get all the dirt and dust with one go.

Dry To Wet:

This is another very useful rule that saves time and makes cleaning much more efficient. Always dust, wipe down and vacuum clean first and then mop and use a wet towel. The more dirt you can get with dry cleaning methods, the better.
Remember that cleaning is not a marathon, so make sure that if you are speeding it up, you are still cleaning successfully.

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