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Wellcome to 0800 Carpet cleaning prices for professional carpet cleaning.

Bedroom 22
Lounge 26
Dining room 26
Staircase 21
Hallway 12
Large rug 24
Two seated sofa 24
Three seated sofa 36
Armchair 16
Full length pair of curtains 29
Double mattress 17
*All prices include VAT at 15%. A 50.00 pounds minimum charge applies.

Tips on Basic Carpet Maintenance

Carpet CleanerPeople invest on carpets in order to enhance the look of their homes. And some carpets are really expensive so such investment can sometime really run high. Because of this it would be important to take care of this investment. In order to get the value for your money, you have to make sure that the carpet maintains its beauty and lasts long.

Dirt Is the Enemy

House CleaningCarpets lose their elegance when they're dirty. So to keep it in tiptop condition, you should vacuum your carpet regularly. This way you will maintain its cleanliness and dirt will not stick to its fibers. If this is done more often, you will prevent the dirt from being a permanent part of the carpet.

At times simple vacuuming would not be enough. This is specially so when soil and other dirt is found sticking into your carpet. Such dirt would typically form small clumps in some areas of the carpet. You would have to scrape each and every one of them to keep your carpet looking great. You have to use some metal to try to loosen them until they can be vacuumed. The sooner this is done the better.

Carpet ProtectionOily stains are even more potent. That is why it is important that you remove such stains as soon as you notice them. Again, the sooner you get rid of them the better. Oily stains are bound to saturate right into the fibers so remove them even before they are able to dry and stick to the carpet. Oily stains could come from spills or from oily dirt from the streets brought in through your footwear.

Even detergent residue is considered undesirable. After using detergent in cleaning your carpet, make sure that there are no residues left behind. Just like dirt these residues could become embedded with the fibers and ruin the nice look of your carpet.

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Using Other Cleaning Materials

At times, you would have to use chemical cleaners especially to get rid of hard to remove stains. Take note though that not all carpets are made of the same material. And so, others react differently to certain chemical cleaners. To be sure that you will not ruin your carpet, test the said chemical cleaner on hidden areas. Let the chemical cleaner dry out. If no adverse reaction is observed, then you can use it on the other parts of the carpet.

Avoid using very strong chemical cleaners. As much as possible use milder chemical cleaners as they less likely will ruin your carpet. If the dirt or stain is not removed, that's the time you can use stronger chemical cleaners. This way you will preserve the elegance and the beauty of your carpet.

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