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If you are looking for a cleaning company in South West London, you will have a bit of a problem finding a company that is actually reliable and well reputed. A lot of new businesses have joined in the cleaning industry after seeing the huge rise in the demand for regular cleaners and one time cleaning jobs. These new companies are not fully aware of how this business works and are just looking to cash in on your money. If you are hesitant because of these reasons, you should consider a company that has been around for more than ten years. This is 0800 Carpet Cleaning . This company is well recognized in the industry and has branches all over London and even outside. Its wide network has allowed it to customize its services and provide more advanced cleaning services to its customers. If this is the kind of company you are interested in, simply dial 02033977687 and you will instantly be connected to a great customer support service.

Greater London is divided into five sub regions of which South West London is one region. This division was done for the London Plan. The sub regions boundaries were later revised in 2011 and are being used for engagement, monitoring, statutory, and resource allocation purposes. The region of South West London includes the London Boroughs of Kingston, Croydon, Lambeth, Richmond, Merton, Wandsworth, and Sutton. If you are living in this part of Greater London you are close to hundreds of attractions here that pull in millions of tourists each year. Tate Britain is one of the biggest attractions of this region. It overlooks the River Thames and was originally founded by Sir Henry Tate through his philanthropy. The legacy of Tate now includes three more galleries in London. It houses one of the greatest collections of art from Britain some as old as the 15th century.

Hogarth’s House is another very famous place in south west London. It is located to one of the busiest roads found in London. This house used to be the country home of William Hogarth and is now a museum. William Hogarth used to live in this residence and called it ‘a little country box by the Thames’. There is a very gorgeous garden that is hidden in the back behind a beautiful red bricked wall. This place is a must see for all those who are interested in exploring the history of Hogarth, engravings, and prints.

The Battersea Dogs and Cats home also lies in the South West region of London and is a very popular national institution. It has been around for more than 140 years to help what is man’s best friend, dogs.  It has housed almost 100 sledge dogs when in history Britain was preparing for Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition. It was first setup in the year 1860 and from back then and up till now it has housed almost 15,000 cats and dogs each year. They even help you in finding your lost pet. In 1995 they even opened a new etiquette school that helps dogs overcome their behavioral problems.

If you like visiting palaces and castles, in South West London you can find the Fulham Palace which is a must to explore by all history lovers. Living in this part of London can be really fun and relaxing. You have so many places to enjoy and so many great services to benefit from like the ones being offered by 0800 Carpet Cleaning . You can easily find all kinds of cleaning services being offered here for both your company and home needs. Just call them at 02033977687 to inquire about further details.

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