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10 Ways to "Trick" the Cleaning
Published on Monday, 27 August 2012

To devote an entire weekend for cleaning at home is a luxury. It's better to clean smart for not more than 10 minutes a day. The new time demands new rules. To do everything you need to cut a path and save your strength.

Think about what makes you spend so much time cleaning? Of course, the attachment to what is acquired by back-breaking labor. Revising its attitude to the property, you can greatly reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning up the "personal territory". Here are some rules of the "home cheats."

1. Learn how to throw things. Some people feel terrible discomfort when they have to throw away anything, even not used for long time, damaged beyond repair and with no value. Thus comes a new rule: you have to get rid of those items that are not used during the year. This rule applies to clothing, appliances, dishes, etc. Few of us have more mental and physical reserves to manage these unnecessary objects that clutter up the house.

2. Do not spare money in exchange for convenience. Each has his own line of maximum costs, but remember that paying for super vacuum cleaner or multipurpose food processor, you actually "buy" free time and you will agree, that is an excellent purchase.

3. Choose materials that do not require special care. In your closet, there are probably a whole bunch of clothes that fade, wrinkle easily and requires special care, such as hand washing or dry cleaning. It turns out that all these things are a huge hidden burden in your life. But no need to throw it all away.

The main thing is to stand on the right track and eventually when buying another new thing to look at the material from which it is made. Such "materialism" applies to everything that surrounds you, not only clothes but also furniture, wallpaper, floor coverings, etc. When the time comes to buy something new, do one of the main priorities in selecting easy cleaning.

4. Do not buy things that cause you concern. You bought a car, it is so dear to you, that you feel compelled to drive it to the sink every week? This lacquered coffee table is so beautiful that you are using it only for special occasions? This dress is made of natural silk and you are on pins and needles every time you put it on? All this worrying luxury quietly makes you unhappy. Be humble, choose easy care and functionality, even when you can afford much more.

Now consider the rules of the game in order to shorten the path from the tip of the brush in your hand to the tangle of dust, hiding under the bed.

5. Focus. With a clean-up, or weekends will not be enough to clean the entire house. Of course, this result can not remain unnoticed, but are you ready to kill the entire weekend for cleaning? We offer a plan to divide your work in paragraphs, and do them slowly, spending on cleaning up the apartment 5-10 minutes a day for a week. It is unrealistic to wash the whole bathroom before going to work, but you can pour cleaning liquid into the toilet bowl, and brush it at the evening. One item is ready!

6. Try the image boxes. Define the maximum use of all existing shelves, drawers, racks, hooks, cabinets and closets and create a new storage system, where they are not yet available. This key strategy will help you easily eliminate clutter. So, you can open the door without fear. Investments in storage systems pay for themselves with the beauty and order in your home.

7. Arrange easy accessible funds for cleanup. Accessibility theorem is the following: the frequency of cleaning is inversely proportional to the distance between the object to be cleaned, and the means necessary to clean it. Translation: if it is difficult to get to the cleaner, the carpet is unlikely to be clean all the time.

8. Include brains. This rule is called the Philosophy of Intelligent Wins. Of course, during cleaning your head can be in the clouds. But the process will go much faster if during cleaning you always think about how to "cut corners". Put a plastic cutting board in the dishwasher instead of washing it by hand. Brush teeth, clean the mirror and take out the garbage, check the mailbox and just throw unnecessary correspondence. With one movement you will kill two birds.

9. Replace old with new. Accept is as a fact: Some things, such as mops, gloves, household wipes, plastic curtains in the bathroom and bake ware will never again be clean. And that's OK! Feel free to use them, and then, without remorse, replace with new ones.

10. Go to these rules creatively. If you don't like any of them, leave them to others. Choose only those that seem useful. Your attitude is more important for the result than the dismally following of someone else's advice.

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