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Appliances Used In House Cleaning
Published on Sunday, 06 December 2009

Cleaning your home can be a tedious job; however to help you get over the task quickly and conveniently, there are many appliances you can use for house cleaning.
Mopping is a task not many people are fond of doing. Filling up buckets with hot and soapy water, hauling them to all the rooms and squeesing dirty water proves to be time consuming.
So why not use an electric steam mop that cuts down your mopping time. They run on batteries, use less water and chemicals and get less water on the floor. This is a much cleaner and better option for mopping your floor, and is great for you if your hands are allergic to household chemicals.
Washing Machines And Vacuum Cleaners Are Essential
Though it may be possible to wash some of your clothes using a brush and detergent bar, a washing machine is required for heavy duty washing. Not only can you use it to wash your day to day clothes, but the washing machine can also be used for washing your curtains, shoes, stuffed toys and other cloth objects whilst house cleaning.
Whilst vacuum cleaners are effective for sweeping and dusting your house, a hard floor cleaner is a machine you will need if you have hardwood floors. It is, and functions like a vacuum; the only difference is that when you use it to clean hardwood floors, it works like a mop. It can scrub stains and can soak excess water to ensure your floor is dry.
A Trash Compactor Helps Get Rid Of Trash
If you have lots of carpeting, you need a carpet sweeper to sweep carpets and remove crumbs, dirt and dust. To remove stains on the carpet, you will need a carpet cleaner. These carpet cleaners are available as spot and full sized cleaners. The spot cleaner is best for cleaning spots whilst the full sized cleaner is useful for cleaning both big and small areas.
To get rid of all the trash gathered whilst cleaning your house, you could get yourself a trash compactor. This is a machine that reduces the size of all this trash so that you need not throw out trash that often and also to make your trash fit your trash bag.

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