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Published on Friday, 03 August 2012

One of the hardest cleaning household chores is keeping the carpets clean. Dust, food, dirt, and all sorts of stains tend to build up under the carpet's surface, thus running its fabric. It is essential to vacuum clean the carpets regularly and to try to prevent the causes of stains. However, a carpet is a carpet - we step on it, drop things accidentally, children play on it, pets run all over it and suddenly keeping a carpet clean becomes mission impossible. Here are some basic tips and suggestions on how to clean a carpet.

Tip 1
Make sure your carpet gets deep cleaning as regularly as necessary. In order to have a clean carpet, it needs to be treated professionally or you must learn how to utilize the necessary equipment for deep cleaning, so you can do it yourself. You could find pros and cons of this method, but remember that a thorough cleaning should be done once every six months or approximately.

Tip 2
Look out for stains as they happen and make sure you treat them as soon as possible. Certain stains need to get dry before you treat them (such as mud), but others must be dealt with straight away (cooking oil, pet's urine, blood, etc). The first thing to do is beware not to smudge the area even further. While you look for the right solution or product spill some water over the stain and try to blot it with a clean white cloth. This method is quite basic, so you might have to continue searching for a better approach. There are plenty of cleaning solutions on the market and quite a few homemade ones too. A popular cleaning method is mixing water and white vinegar and treating the spot with it. The rule is to act immediately, or you might not be able to remove the stain without a deep cleaning.

Tip 3
A clean carpet is one which has been taken care of very well. Always find time to vacuum the carpets and apply the necessary pressure, to reach the bottom of the fabric. You should go over the carpet's surface in many directions so the vacuum cleaner can reach the most of it. Having a high quality vacuum cleaner is a must if you want great results, not only with carpets, but with floors too.

Tip 4
One of the many ways to preserve a carpet clean is to determine the right way of entering your home. Ask the members of your family and guests to always take their shoes off, and leave them in the corridor or in a shoe closet. This will prevent spreading all sorts of dirt and bacteria around your home and on the carpets. This isn't a sign of bad manners, but it means that the visitor treats your home as they would treat theirs, caring for the cleanliness and not bringing in dirt and debris. Around 80% of the entering dirt is dry. The rest is all kinds of oils, starches and greases. The dry dirt can easily be vacuumed, whereas the greasy one, once in contact with your carpet, will most probably leave a nasty stain.

Maintaining your carpets clean is not just healthy, but it also ensures a longer life for the carpet. A carpet is an expensive investment and if you wish to use it for years, make sure you take good care of it too. A clean carpet would make your home look more beautiful and presentable. A clean carpet means less dirt and odors too.

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