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Clean the Stains, Save the Clothes in Acton
Published on Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Every person in Acton has unique style and is choosing his or hers clothes very carefully. We have clothes for home, for work, for special occasions and for sport. We often have most favorite of them that we really loving and are not likely to throw them even when they are too old to be used.

What is common for all these pieces of clothes is that they are all threatened from the stains. And it is very unpleasant situation for all of us. What is even more annoying is that stains can occur our clothes when we less expect them.

In order to save the dresses, shirts, pants and any other parts of our wardrobe, we have to know some useful tricks that can be very much of help when we are fighting the steady stains in Acton, W3.

Mustard can be very delicious added to the sandwich or steak, but it can be very hard for cleaning. When you have such a stain, you should first apply liquid detergent directly on the spot and then rinse nicely. A few hours later, when the damaged clothe is dry and the stain still stays on the same place, you can try to clean it again with solution, in which you can put detergent and hot water. Again leave this peace of clothing like that for a few more hours. Try bleaching as the last option, then wash in a washing machine.

When the mustard has fallen on dresses or shirts that are not washable, then you should use other techniques like diluting one part of alcohol with two parts of water and apply it on the stain. Always test the fabric first otherwise there is significant risk for the fading of the color.    

Smoke and soot stains are very strange and many people in the W12 area think it is hard to get them when in fact it is very common situation that you can be in. When you have noticed such stain on your clothes you should first rub the spot with synthetic detergent or mild soap, of course if the fabric is washable. It is very possible that you have to repeat this few more times, in order to completely get rid of the stain. Any absorbent substances, which contain corn meal or cornstarch can happen to be very useful for spots of this origin.

Shoe polish can be also very unpleasant and very easy to be made, especially when you are cleaning your shoes and you want to do it fast, because you are late for work. In the hurry few inches away from the shoe with the brush can put awful stain on some of your clothes. The situation gets even more difficult because you may have to determine the type of the shoe polish in order to figure out which is the best way to clean it. Most of the polishes available in the W3 use the same substances as the cosmetic products. In this case you should apply mild detergent or soap directly on the spot. If this does not work sponge it with alcohol.

Turpentine is one substance that is not very common, but can be very helpful in certain situations. It can successfully clean the shoe polish stain, when everything else failed. Since it is mentioned, it is good to say that the turpentine can also manage with the rust stains in Acton, which are also one of the most unpleasant and stubborn ones. Talking about rust, we can mention few more ways to get rid of such stains. Bleach is one of the options when the things are not that bad. The long time of experience has found out another way to treat the rust stains and this is the lemon juice. You should wet the spot, squeeze some juice on it and then use steam from the steam iron directly onto it.

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