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Clean Your Home 10 Minutes at a Time
Published on Friday, 25 September 2015

When your work demands you spend more time in the office, or you are simply too busy with your family, it might be hard to find time for cleaning. In fact, if you are too tired to even think about any chore when you come back from work and all you want to do is relax or spend time with your family, it is imperative that you adopt a system to make things easier and more manageable.

Since spending hours at a time in cleaning is impossible for you, the best alternative for you would be to devote a portion of that time every single day. That way you can stay on top of your chores and not only manage the task effectively, but also find that it is easier. Devoting 10 minutes to clean an area of your home every day is one thing, spending your whole weekend catching up with such tasks because you have ignored them for too long is another. Here is a breakdown of the top housekeeping tasks over the course of one week, which you can follow and see just how easy and convenient it is.

- Monday - Mondays should dusting_240x160be reserved for easier chores, since that particular day of the week is already stressing enough for most people. You should start off your week with an easy task, such as dusting. This chore is not demanding of effort or time. You can perform this home cleaning task during commercial break while you are watching your favourite TV shows. Grab your dusting tool and start on the bookshelves, night stands, dressers and other furniture around your rooms.

- Tuesday - when you have putfloor cleaning_240x160 Monday behind you, it is time to look at some of the more demanding tasks. Floor cleaning is one such, since it requires more time and effort. That is why it is best if you deal with this on Tuesday, when the week has not yet gotten the best of you. Remember that vacuuming and then using a mop might take some time, so you can divide the task between Tuesdays and other days of the week.

- Wednesday - devote part of yourbathroom cleaning_240x160 Wednesday to bathroom cleaning. There is much to clean in the bathroom, which is why you can do part of it this day. For example, scrubbing often enough is not taxing in terms of time and effort and may even prevent the issue from developing.

- Thursday - even if you are regular at keeping kitchen cleaning_240x160your kitchen clean every single day, some tasks you have to do regardless. It is a good idea to catch up to them before the weekend, because that is when you will most likely have time to cook. See if your floor needs some attention, or any of the appliances have accumulated new stains. Wipe the backsplash and countertops.

- Friday - reserve Friday for some De-clutter_240x160de-cluterring action. You want to have your home free of clutter that is just lying around, as you might invite someone over in the weekend. Besides, taking care of clutter is easy enough, in case you want to spend your Friday night out in the city or just get some rest.

- Saturday - while it may not take laundry_240x16010 minutes to do the laundry, it is a chore that doesn’t require constant attention. Saturday makes an excellent time to do the laundry, because that is when you can invest some time in changing the sheets of your bed and also take care of dirty towels.

- Sunday - don’t worry yourself with home cleaning on Sunday. quality time_240x160You have earned some rest after all the hard work you have invested during the week. Now is your chance to get some rest or spend quality time with family and friends.

Cleaning every day of the week may seem like a no-go to you, but keep in mind that you are investing just 10 minutes daily. This can truly make a big difference in the long run.

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