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Cleaning on a Budget in Hammersmith: the Top 10 Uses for White Vinegar
Published on Sunday, 20 January 2013

White vinegar is a basic household essential, cheap as chips and lasts forever, what’s more, is it also has a host of secret uses around your home in Hammersmith. White vinegar could possibly be the only cleaner you will need to clean your home. Instead of filling your cupboards with expensive brands and different varieties, simply pop in a bottle of inexpensive, basic white vinegar and read these top 10 tips on what it does best:

You can clean almost all your computer bits and bobs, including laptops, keyboards and printers, with equal parts white vinegar and water, to rid your technology of grime and dust. It’s safe on electrical yet perfect at providing a super clean surface without the concern of leaving harsh chemicals behind on your gadget in the W14 region.

White vinegar is also great at getting rid of mould and mildew from bathrooms in Hammersmith, W6. Use it on a cloth or scrub away between tiles, its non-toxic and chemical free formula means you don’t have to worry about ventilation or rinsing away residue.

The most simple, inexpensive and affordable way to clean your worktops and kitchen surfaces from debris, dirt and germs, is by wiping with pure white vinegar. It’s great at penetrating smells and has an antibacterial quality, there’s also no fear of using it on baby’s highchairs or where food is prepared.

Tupperware is great, and almost every household has a few lunch boxes or microwave dishes in the kitchen somewhere, but the staining of plastic dishes is unbearable. For Tupperware that smells less than fresh, or is stained with previous uses, simply wipe with white vinegar or leave to soak, and watch as it rinses away into a brand new box.

You can get your taps and fixtures in the W6 sparkling clean with just a small dab of white vinegar, it can also be used across all chrome and stainless steel fixtures across your home. The white vinegar is chemical free, leaves no harmful residues or lingering scents and cleans your fixtures effortlessly.

Buying new kitchenware is great, but why they choose to fill bowls and mugs with stickers, no-one knows! Forget about picking at the underneath to get rid of the sticky gunk, and don’t waste your time with soaking in warm, soapy water, instead, reach for the white vinegar. Leave it to soak across the sticker or residue for a few minutes, and watch as it easily wipes away.

Stop paying for professional window cleaners in Hammersmith and stop wasting money on branded, expensive window chemicals. White vinegar is perfect for cutting through grease and muck on your windows, is relatively streak free and leaves barely any scent making it perfect for indoors and out.

When clearing out your fridge, instead of reaching for pricey brands or soapy water, wipe down your fridge with equal parts white vinegar and water. A great cleaning agent and perfect at ridding your fridge of any unwanted and lingering smells.

For persistent and overpowering odours, you could try to mask it with strong odours and sprays, however, you could also place a bowl of white vinegar in the corner of the room and it will soon rid your home of any unpleasant smells. White vinegar is also perfect for banishing smoky smells.

Give your iron a new lease of life and instead of scrubbing with over-priced pads and wipes, simply wipe with white vinegar. It will rid your ironing plates of scorch and burn marks, leaving it fresh and clean to work at optimal performance.

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