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Cleaning Routine for your Carpets and Rugs in Shepherd's Bush
Published on Friday, 06 September 2013

The carpets and rugs in your home in Shepherd’s Bush see a lot of traffic so it’s not surprising that they can become dirty, stained or soiled very quickly. If you struggle to get your carpets looking their best then have a look at implementing a carpet cleaning routine into your weekly cleaning process. Here are some handy hints, tips and tricks to get you started.

-    Use a dustpan and brush or broom to brush your carpets in Shepherd’s Bush, W12 before you vacuum. The plastic bristles will help to lift dirt from even the deepest fibres in your carpet, and will bring them to the surface. This means you’re going to see a much bigger difference to your rugs and carpets after vacuuming.

-    Make sure you’re vacuuming not just around your furniture but underneath and behind it as well. This will make sure you’re carpet is getting the best clean it can get. For those hard-to-reach corners have a look into what attachments are available for your vacuum so you can get even the toughest job done to the best of your ability. Try purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner so you can get into those nooks and crannies you might not otherwise be able to get, such as the corners of your living room in the W11 area or the gaps between your sofa cushions.

-    To get stains out of your carpets or rugs try purchasing a carpet stain removing product. Make sure you test it out on an inconspicuous area of carpet beforehand, as many stain removers contain bleach which can dye your carpet. When dealing with spills in the W12 region use lukewarm water, never boiling, as this can help to set a stain or even damage the fibres of your carpet. Use a blotting motion rather than rubbing, and try lemon juice or distilled vinegar to combat bacteria and help fade the stain.

-    A carpet cleaner is probably the best way to get your carpets and rugs in Shepherd’s Bush looking their best, so if you don’t already own one then you should think about investing. A carpet cleaner will keep your carpet in better condition for longer and will also help to fight bacteria, killing 99.9% of it. If you share your home with pets or children then a carpet cleaner will ensure your floor is as bacteria-free as possible. If your budget can’t stretch to a steam cleaner then consider renting one on a monthly basis. Your local cleaners or even your supermarket can offer great deals on rentable carpet cleaners, so it’s worth seeing what’s available in your area.

-    Professional carpet cleaning is a great idea if you’re dealing with stubborn stains or tired-looking carpets. If you’ve moved into a new property and you’re looking for cleaner floors then hiring a professional company is definitely something to consider. If you’re working on a budget then think about the benefits of hiring a company to do a one-off carpet clean – once the stains are gone you should be able to maintain the carpet or rug yourself, but for the initial job then a professional company might be the best option for you!

-   Ensure your carpets and rugs aren’t seeing too much dirt and grime by replacing or regularly cleaning your doormats. Make sure all of your family and guests are wiping their feet to cut-down on the amount of dirt tracked into your carpets – your pets should be no exception!

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