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Cleaning The Fridg In Kingston upon Thames, How To Get Rid Of Stains And Smells
Published on Thursday, 23 January 2014

When it comes to your kitchen in Kingston upon Thames, one place that may not get a huge amount of attention when you are doing the house cleaning will often be the fridge. If you are able to get it cleaned regularly, then you will avoid the likelihood of any disgusting smells and marks that come with spilt food going off. The main way to avoid these things happening is with good food hygiene practice, but in any event, you will need to clean the fridge every now and again, simply because of the nature of its use - it contains food!

So, when you are going about your daily business, be sure that you don’t overlook the cleanliness of the fridge in your kithcen in the KT1 area at any point. Spills and mess should be wiped up immediately, and any remaining liquid should be paper toweled away, as anything that is left in this way can result in some seriously disgusting smells! The main issue is when something gets left in the fridge, and goes moldy or ‘off’, yet may not be completely visible. This will produce a terrible smell, especially if it is milk! Smells can be harnessed by leaving baking soda, salt or vinegar in a bowl in the fridge, as they suck up odors in the air. However, spilt milk, or any other food stuff will likely mean that you need to clean the whole fridge at some point soon.

When you are cleaning the whole fridge in the KT2, do so at a point when your fridge is already fairly empty, so that there is less of a hassle involved in removing things from it, and also so that there is less of a chance of anything being out for a time where it might turn, as this would be a waste. Once the fridge is empty, remove the glass shelves, and lay them in a sink of warm soapy water, as this will ensure that they get the soaking that they need, to truly get rid of the smells and stains. Whilst these are soaking, you should get a surface cleaner, or even a fridge specific cleaning product, and cover the whole of the inside of the fridge in the stuff. Leave it to do its work for a while, and return your concentration to the shelves. Wiping down with a tough sponge should get rid of any dried on stains, and marks should disappear fairly easily. Give the shelves a couple of turns over, to ensure that they are completely clean, and leave them to dry on a tea towel.

Scrub the inside of the fridge in your home in Kingston upon Thames with a rough sponge or a brush, until you have gotten rid of every visible bit of dirt and muck. With a clean sponge, wipe away any soap residue, ensuring that you rinse the sponge regularly, so that you actually remove the soap from the fridge. You want to ensure that the fridge remains a place that food is safely stored, and soap in the mouth is not a pleasant thing! Dry off the fridge with a tea towel, to ensure that it is completely ready to be used again, and put the shelves back in. Scoop the flesh out of half a lemon, and fill the rind ‘cup’ with salt or baking powder, as this will absorb future smells, or anything that the cleaning didn’t quite get rid of.

Now that your fridge in the KT1 region is clean, ensure that it stays that way by keeping your ‘fridge practice’ up to scratch at all times!

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