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Cleaning the House - How and When
Published on Thursday, 30 August 2012

Most people associate the cleaning routine with fatigue and hard work. But in reality, there are some simple cleaning tips that will enhance and facilitate the process of bringing order and cleanliness into any living space, and most importantly change attitude toward the process of cleaning.

The main reason for negative attitude towards cleaning is incorrect internal motivation or even complete lack of motivation. Often, much or all of the cleaning work is done only by one person, but in creating the mess has participated the whole family. Also, no matter how much time was spent on bringing everything in order, the next day there is more for cleaning, as if the mess is created by itself.

It's impossible to achieve a sterile cleanliness in a home with many occupants, especially if there are children. However, if the cleaning is done on a regular basis and if the whole family is taught to clean up after themselves, achieving cleanness and comfort will become much easier.

This method is very effective. For example, to clean a kitchen at intervals of two or three days, will take considerably less time than cleaning all the kitchen appliances cleaned lastly a month ago.

Immediate cleaning prevents serious dirt. For example, after cooking dinner on the stove few grease stains can be left. They are barely noticeable and do not interfere with anything. If they are immediately wiped out with a sponge, the surface will be clean, but if the dirty stove is ignored there will form a multi-layered burnt crust, for which will have to be spent many cleaning hours.
With immediate cleaning you will immediately get rid of the current dirt. If you do not, it will accumulate over time and, at best, prevent you live, and at worst - accustom to the surrounding clutter so that you and your family members will consider this disorder to be quite normal and natural.

Current events are held regularly at the time, but it's not necessarily to be done daily. You can make a timetable for their implementation. For example, to clean the sink in the kitchen once a week and the curtains washed twice a year. You can arrange the plan in hard copy, or just make it a habit - like washing the dishes right after eating.

If not cleaning regularly, there arises a danger of possible property damage. When a weak detergent can't cope with old and stubborn dirt, it is necessary to use a harsh abrasive cleanser. Thus the risk of damaging the surface grows bigger. 

To facilitate home working and maintaining the apartment clean and tidy is the proper organization of the process of cleaning. There are several possible options for cleaning. The most often used cleaning scheme is to clean the rooms once a week and do a general cleaning of the apartment once a month. The disadvantage of such a system is that each time for the room cleaning goes a longer period of time and effort, as well as between the primary and in between cleaning and there is time to accumulate dirt.

Another version includes daily cleaning of certain areas and weekly general cleaning. This requires all the rooms to be divided into zones and to direct daily cleaning only in one particular area no longer than 15 minutes. This is a very efficient and simple way to keep the house clean and in order, especially when arranging or throwing out unnecessary things that accumulate dust and dirt. The downside of such a system is the increased consumption of detergents and cleaning products, but it saves time and effort.

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