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Cleaning up after Pets
Published on Monday, 08 October 2012

No one, who has ever owned a pet, can deny that the little furry creatures are worth it. A cat or a dog (or even a rabbit or guinea pig) is bound to bring joy and laughter into your life. However, it is also not any kind of secret that these kinds of pets come with their own special brand of mess. If you get an animal, you have to be prepared to deal with every single issue that comes with it, from cleaning out the kitty litter, to removing fur from the soft furniture, to removing pet odor. These are, of course, all things that you will learn over time, but to give you a head start, this article will list a number of responsibilities (specifically, cleaning responsibilities) that come with bringing a little furry bundle of joy into the house.

1.    First of all, there is of course, the matter of fur. There is really no way to avoid having to deal with your pets shedding all over the carpets and the furniture, if you've decided on keeping them indoors. However, there are some ways you can combat it. A Velcro "brush" is essential for any aspiring pet owner. It is also available in most pet shops. It is very simple to use - you simply roll it over the area you want to clean in the opposite direction of the bristles, then you go in the direction of the bristles with your fingers to take off the fur and make the brush useable again. Another thing you might like to purchase in order to protect your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings is anti-static spray. This will not save you from the fur completely, but it will greatly reduce the effort you have to put in.

2.    Second is the toilet training. This varies between the types of animals. Cats for example are very independent and quick to learn, so your cat will probably immediately go on the kitty litter and not make a mess around the house. Regardless, a deodorizer will probably be needed, especially around the room where you put the litter box.

3.    Dogs are a bit more complicated and they have to be paper trained. Before you train it to go outside, a dog will pick a few favorite areas in the house (usually corners) to do its business. Take note of its habits and, while toilet training it, always keep these spots covered in newspaper and as heavily protected as possible. Some things you will need to clean up during this time are of course a little sweeper and paddle.

4.    Even if your dog or cat is toilet trained, remember to check their paws regularly. For cats, this would mean checking for any kitty litter stuck to their feet. Dogs need their feet frequently washed anyway, since they need to be walked and will track dirt into your house afterwards. This can be avoided if you check your pet's paws once a day.

5.    Lastly, sad pets are destructive pets. This applies doubly in the case of dogs, where, if you leave the animal alone for too long, it will begin destroying your belongings out of boredom. Always leave someone to pet-sit, if you leave the house for more than a few hours.

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