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Cleaning Walls and Ceilings: How to Make the Procedure Successful
Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cleaning walls and ceilings is difficult because there are some high places you should reach out to. More than that though, the difficulty arises from the fact that dirt may not be removed properly.  Sometimes, you need to hire some house cleaners to accomplish the entire task.
When cleaning walls and ceilings, your safety is always one of the most important concerns to bear in mind.  You will certainly be utilising a ladder to reach out to your ceilings and the top spots for your walls.  Never attempt to step on the uppermost rungs of the ladder.  You have to take all the necessary precautions.  Basically, you should protect your hands with the aid of working gloves.
Consider the Surface Type
Your wall or ceiling coverings are vital things to consider when it comes to cleaning these areas. There are surfaces that may be washed off with water whilst there are those that may not.  You might be surprised that some wall papers may be washable too.  Walls with plastic or vinyl coverings are also categorised under washable surfaces.
The type of paint may also be used under this consideration.  Flat and enamel paints may pass several washings.  There are other types of paint that may withstand the necessities of washing your ceilings and walls.
Cleaning Agents to be Used
Mixtures may be made out of several basic ingredients found within your home.  The blends will help remove unwanted residue from your walls and ceilings.  Here are some mixtures to consider:
* A gallon of warm water with a cup of bleaching agent will help remove mildew from walls and ceilings.  Use a sponge to clean off the area.
* A gallon of warm water combined with two tablespoons of powdered detergent is ideal for flat-painted surfaces.  If you are dealing with grease, increase the proportion of detergent mixed with lukewarm water.
* For glossy walls, use a combination of water and soda.
* For tough stains such as inks, simply use isopropyl alcohol placed on a damp cloth.
These things will surely keep away all the dirt from your ceilings and walls.  You may adapt these steps every time you clean these areas. You are not required to do the tasks every day.  Periodic cleaning is enough to keep the said areas clean.

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