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Cleaning in Notting Hill: When to Get the Professionals in
Published on Tuesday, 09 July 2013

Home cleaning is something you do in Notting Hill almost every day, and for most occasions that's more than enough. But there are times and certain cleaning jobs which are best left to the professionals. It can be safer, less expensive in the long run and a real relief when it comes to the hassle and stress. Here's our guide to when it could be best to get a professional cleaning company in.

1.    When moving house. If you want to leave your old house in Notting Hill, W10 in a great state for the incoming occupants, and when you're moving into a new home and want it to be perfect for you and the family, consider hiring a professional house cleaning service. This gives you two less jobs to worry about and squeeze into what is normally a very busy time. 

When your furniture and belongings are moved out, huge amounts of dust and debris are usually uncovered. Walls need cleaning off, carpets thoroughly cleaned. It's a big job and sometimes much easier and quicker to give to the professionals.

2.    Giving carpets their biennial service. Every two or three years, carpets need a lot more of a clean than the weekly vacuum to keep them in top condition and prolong their life. Carpet cleaning companies can really shift the stubborn stains and deep down dirt, usually with steam cleaners, also called hot water extraction. There's often no need to move all the furniture out, just any breakables. It only takes a couple of hours to clean a three-bedroom house in the W11 region and it's part of the service to leave the carpets as dry as possible. Do ask how long until it's safe to walk on them however, and consider using it as an excuse for a night or two of luxury at a hotel.

3.    When buying a renovation project. If you buy a real doer-upper, it can sometimes be in a right state. Some contain a lot of the previous owners' possessions and a whole lot of grime. Before you can even start renovating, there may be days of work to get it in a fit state. If the budget allows, get a company in to do the donkey work, giving floors, carpets, curtains and walls a thorough clean. Yes, as you work mess will be created, but this is much easier to clean up as you go if starting with a clean slate.

4.    For hazardous substances. In older properties in Notting Hill, there may be some hazardous materials that REALLY should be left to the professionals. Chemicals and asbestos, petrol products and more can be extremely dangerous and should not be touched by anyone other than a specialist, qualified contractor.

5.    When working too hard, too long. Those with new babies, people who work full time and those who are having to care for someone really do need a hand with household chores. This is when getting someone in to give the place in the W11 area a clean and perhaps do some ironing, once or twice a week, can be an absolute godsend. In terms of stress reduction and maximising your quality time, it can be well worth the cost.

People's first question is usually about cost. Doesn't it cost a fortune to hire a steam cleaning service for carpets, or to get a complete home clean? The good news is, with the internet, you can shop around for different quotes and, with more competition, come cheaper rates. Get about five quotes for a job and you could save hundreds.

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