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Curtain Cleaning Guide For Homeowners In Wandsworth
Published on Thursday, 17 April 2014

Curtains are not only practical, but can be highly aesthetically impressive provisions in your home in Wandsworth. However, they can be a real chestnut to clean! Even slight blemishes and minor stains can take hours to clean up properly or adequately. There are, fortunately, a few tips and hints to help you in this regard – the pointers contained within this online curtain cleaning guide may be of assistance to you if you’re having trouble.

For a start, which cleaning techniques are effective depends on what your curtains are made out of. If they’re made of a synthetic fibre, then you can easily clean your curtains in Wandsworth, SW8 by popping them in the washing machine. This is a good option if your curtains are made of a light fabric – after all, heavy curtains will retain water for longer and may take weeks to dry after a spin! This is not an option applicable to your curtains if they are made of fine fabrics, either. They can be damaged by machine washing processes – so be careful – and if possible, consult the label!

Curtains are often made of fabrics which absorb odours in your home in the SW18 district. If you are a smoker, try to limit your puffing to the great outdoors (or, why not try quitting smoking altogether!) – when you cook, keep the kitchen well-ventilated (as much as possible!) and keep the doors to other rooms closed. Curtains can attract and absorb odours rapidly and they can be a real pest to remove once soaked up. If you’re lucky, odours they do pick up could be removable – if possible, hang them up in the outdoor breeze for a few hours, and see whether that helps shift any unpleasant smells they may have picked up!

One of the problems with curtain cleaning, however, is that it doesn’t get that much easier when you learn the tricks of the trade. It remains a tricky and time-consuming process! Furthermore, in extreme instances, you will require high-tech appliances and very expensive cleaning products to get the job truly done. Whilst you shouldn’t let this deter you – nothing worth doing is easy, of course – it may simply not be feasible for you to undertake this responsibility yourself, whether in terms of cost or time or ability! If you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, however, don’t worry, because there are many professional curtain cleaners out there. Curtain cleaning services used to be a specialist solution offered by only the best cleaning companies in Wandsworth, but now its availability has widened exponentially. For this reason, you should be careful about choosing a curtain cleaner. Research the cleaning firm thoroughly. After all, professional curtain cleaning in the SW8 area is so popular now that many cleaning companies are queuing up to claim they’re your best bet for this provision, when they really might not be known that they’re doing in that regard! When on the hunt for this type of cleaning business, make sure you ask them a few questions about their curtain cleaning prowess – see what kind of equipment they have, and what their experience is! You should be able to smell a curtain cleaner rat pretty easily! Make sure the cleaning provider is equipped with a steam cleaner, for instance. Steam cleaners are the absolute best bet for cleaning curtains which are made from thick materials, or cannot be removed from the curtain rail. However, they can be prohibitively expensive for individuals to purchase, given their specialist and infrequent application. Access to pricey high-grade curtain clean service tech is another reason to speak to a cleaning contractor!

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