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Dry Clean: Is it any Good to the Carpet?
Published on Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Carpets come in different styles and materials.  There are some carpets that are heavily sensitive while there are others which can withstand and tolerate high pressure. For those carpets that are highly sensitive, there is a different method of cleaning that is employed.  This process does not permit the use of a liquid based cleaning material.  Everything that is used is powder based.
Along with the powder based cleaning agent, there is also the solvent which is then evenly distributed on the carpet's surface.  The solvent will neutralize the presence of germs, dusts, and all forms of dirt. 
For people to understand, the use of dry cleaning method in carpets is more advised by the experts.  With the use of this method, carpets can be protected against corrosion of materials.  The corrosive impact that vacuuming and other methods has on the carpet shall result to a shorter life span of the carpet.  It shall result to a very pale and dull look right after the hard cleaning done by many.
So, for those of you have carpets as their prized possessions, make sure that you always engage in having these carpets dry cleaned instead of the traditional cleaning method that is done.

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