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Easy Steps to PrepareYourself for the Cleaning
Published on Monday, 16 July 2012

Cleaning has never been the most favorite activity for a housewife to perform. It is too exhausting and too time consuming , which is why many women just avoid doing it too often. However, the idea of living in an unorganized and unclean apartment does not look good either. No matter how unpleasant  and dull the process may be, it is important to keep your house neat and clean. For most people the hardest part is to keep the motivation to clean. This is why, it is necessary to prepare yourself for the cleaning process. There are a couple of tips , which can help you while performing this duty.

There is one thing you can do to make that process a little more bearable - use the simple steps given in this article.
Before starting cleaning the first thing you need to do is motivate yourself. When using negative words to describe cleaning, you are making the activity even harder. Keep in mind that, changing the attitude towards something can change how well you are doing it. So, prepare yourself for the cleaning, by setting the right mood. To help you get even more comfortable , you can play your favorite music, which will create even better mood.

When you have created a good mood , you can start planning. This may sound strange but having a cleaning plan will help you perform and complete the task easier. Look around your apartment and decide what needs to be cleaned. If there are some rooms, which are organized and clean, there is no need to waste time and clean them again. While deciding you can also estimate how much time you are going to need. Try to set a specific  hour when you have to be done , this will motivate you during cleaning. Besides, you will know exactly when you can take a break. Another way to motivate yourself is to have a reward. For many people it is a lot easier to perform a certain activity, when they know there will be a reward when completing them. You can have a big chocolate cake when you are done cleaning , which will be your reward for the good job. If this will really motivate you , keep it in mind while cleaning and you will find it easier to complete the task.

Your next step is to find something comfortable to wear , when cleaning. You know that cleaning your apartment is like exercising, there are lots of movements, so you need to be comfortable. Find an old T-shirt and comfortable trousers to clean with. You should also put on gloves to protect your skin from the toxic cleaning products.

The last steps is to prepare all the cleaning detergents you are going to need. Make sure to have all kinds of cleaning products, for the different parts of your home, such as parquet or tile floors, mirrors and glasses and the windows. You should mix the products with a lot of warm water to remove easily the dirty spots from the surface.

The steps given above are simple tactics to prepare yourself for the cleaning. If you want to make the process smoother and easier , you should use them. However, the most important thing you should remember is changing your attitude towards cleaning. If you keep describing the process as something tedious , wearisome and time consuming, it will always be difficult for you and you will always need motivation and preparation to clean your home. 

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