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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Bermondsey: Lounge, Hallway and Stairs Checklist
Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2013

End of tenancy cleaning in Bermondsey pays attention to little things which we often forget or neglect altogether. It is always good to know what someone expects from you, which is why checklists are a great way of making sure your end of tenancy clean goes smoothly and is a success.

This article will mention all of the things that need to be cleaned in the lounge, hallway and stairs, giving you the perfect checklist to follow whilst you are going through your end of tenancy cleaning in the SE16 area.

If your lounge has large bookcases, shelves or display cabinets that are not your own, you need to ensure that these are emptied from top to bottom and cleaned thoroughly, both on the outside and on the inside. If any of these are made of natural wood, you may also wish to give them a good polish, although this is not compulsory. Sofas need to be cleaned so remove all of the cushions of possible and vacuum under them to ensure that all of the dirt from the nooks and crannies is removed. Plump up the cushions and if there are any stains on the upholstery, get rid of it using either a stain remover or a home remedy that you know works on upholstery. Any electronic equipment that came with the property in Bermondsey, SE16 such as televisions, stereo systems etc. should be cleaned appropriately. Avoid using harsh sponges and chemical to avoid damaging these items. Mirrors should be cleaned using newspaper or glass cleaner. Many people forget to wipe down little items such as light fixtures, skirting boards and around plug sockets. Windows need to be cleaned from the inside and all surfaces including tables, window sills and window frames need to be wiped clean too. Finally, vacuum or sweep the place according to the type of flooring that you have. If it is lino, natural flooring or laminate flooring, you may need to give it a wet wash rather than just a sweet or vacuum alone.

The hallway may be joined, but that does not mean that you can neglect it. After all, you have used it many times too. If the hallway is your own then of course you alone are responsible for the state that it is in. Once again, the same procedures apply as they did in the living room/lounge in the SE1 region. If you have any windows in the hallways, they need to be cleaned from the inside. Any light fixtures need to be cleaned appropriately and any shelves or small cabinets need to be empties and cleaned from the inside and out. Carpets need to be vacuumed and may even need to be washed if it is too dirty. Remove any large stains using a homemade solution or a store bought stain removing product. If you do not have carpet in the hallway, sweeping and mopping is a good idea. All skirting boards should be dusted and wiped clean where applicable.

The stairway may also be shared by many people if you live in a block of flats or in a share house in Bermondsey, but you will still need to pay a little attention to it before you leave. Simple vacuuming or sweeping and mopping will do the trick. Give window sills, shelves and any other fixtures a quick wipe and make sure that you dust off the skirting boards and that is as far as you need to go in the stairway.

Cleaning your rented property before you leave it is crucial if you wish to get your deposit back. It is also common sense to clean something after you have finished using it, so why throw manners out of the window now?

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