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Published on Sunday, 02 September 2012

The first rule of cleaning it to remove yourself from the computer or TV. First and foremost, you should not have anything distracting while cleaning, to complete it successfully, but if it will help you to concentrate you could listen to background music.

1. Take care of yourself before starting cleaning up.
Prepare rubber gloves, goggles, long-sleeved shirt and old jeans. Modern cleaning agents can damage your skin and eyes. Protect your hair with a scarf or hat. Before you start cleaning, apply petroleum jelly under nails or just scratch with nails a soap bar. Then you can easily remove dirt from under nails and fix manicure after cleaning the apartment.

2. Arm yourself with everything you'll need for cleaning.
To clean you'll need not only a mop, a bucket and a rag. Take any old bag and put it in detergents, paper towels, napkins for cleaning, cloth. Always carry a trash bag. The bag is more comfortable than an apron with lots of big pockets.

3. Don't pay too much or unnecessary attention on each task .
Each case needs to be done on time and quickly. Fresh stain on the carpet is easier to be cleaned immediately after its appearance than after a week. And so in everything.

4. Learn the instructions for cleaning on detergent preparations.
Keep in mind that their manufacturers had hundreds of experiments to determine the best method of application. And your safety often also depends on knowing how to use the detergent.

5. Keep clean in the house as planned.
Start with the gathering all the garbage, unnecessary things and throw them away. After that, arrange permanent those things that were not where they should. Next, remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, clean light fixtures, and all that is high. Then start with windows and mirrors. The windows don't have to be washed every time, but to wipe mirrors is a must. There are special wipes for the job. The next object of your attention are doors, then furniture and floor.

6. First, use dry cleaning methods, and then wet.
First wipe the dust, sweep, vacuum, and then wash the floor, walls, furniture. In this way the dust will not stick to the already clean surfaces.

7. Save your time for cleaning.
If you are facing the task of cleaning the stove, fridge and table top sprinkle on a surface cleaner. And for a while take up other work. During this time the cleaner will manifest itself in full, and you can easily wash away dirt.

8. Cleaning the apartment with caution.
When cleaning the apartment, never mix different cleaners. There may be a chemical reaction accompanied by the release of toxic substances.

9. Do not be lazy to do the tests means.
This means that any new tool has to be checked on a small area in an inconspicuous place. If it injures a part of the surface being cleaned, the damage will be small, and you'll make sure that the tool is not suitable for harvesting in this particular case.

10. Treat with a positive the cleaning.
Turn on your favorite music, open windows to give access to fresh air. Remember, squats with a mop, floor cleaning, windows, removal of debris and other household chores are effective exercises for the legs, arms, back and other body parts to help you keep yourself in shape.

These tips will help you not only to make a quick house cleaning, but also to keep a good mood and surprise your family. Each case begins with a small step to master. Good luck, cleaners!

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