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Get Motivated For Cleaning
Published on Thursday, 01 November 2012

Here are some of the best ways to get motivated for doing the necessary cleaning chores.

Listening To Music:
Listening to the radio, a playlist on your computer or to an mp3 player is a great way to get the cleaning done, without losing motivation. Choose faster music which makes you feel energetic and you will see the difference instantly.

Setting a Deadline:
Cleaning gets done much faster if you know you have a deadline or you have somebody to impress. Why don't you invite friends for dinner, or a relative? This will make you much more motivated to clean your home. It is also a good idea to try this method with your children, who become really competitive when they know they have a deadline.

Reading a Housekeeping Blog or Book:
When you can read useful tips on cleaning, you will feel motivated to get things done the right way. You could even start cleaning more often just to be able to check those techniques.

Checking Other Homes:
Looking at pictures of houses and flats online or in magazines can really motivate you to try harder when it comes to cleaning. Imagining the perfect home is easy, making yours one isn't mission impossible either.

Trying New Products:
If you find a new product that is supposedly better, saves money and energy, you can do miracles without spending too much time. This is a really good motivator for cleaning. Check your local department store for new products which can make cleaning easier.

Making It a Family Cleaning Session:
One of the reasons you cannot get motivated for cleaning is because you probably often feel that you are the only one taking care of it and nobody pays that much attention to the dust and dirt at home. If that is the case, then it is time to change the rules and get the whole family involved in the process. If they want to live in a clean, fresh-smelling home which is tidied up, they need to help out too. Cleaning can be done much faster if everyone does at least one chore regularly. Think of some kind of reward - a restaurant, a cinema or a shopping trip for everyone.

Planning a Garage Sale or Selling Online:
If your home is full of clutter, planning a garage sale is a way to get motivated about finally getting rid of all those things you don't even use or need anymore. Moreover, if you want to sell some things online, you can do so, but only after cleaning them and organizing them. Even your children can get involved in this: if they have toys or books they don't want, tell them that if they help out and sell their things they can keep the money. This is a strong motivator for children and they will be glad to help out.

Rewarding Yourself:
You may think that this is silly and there is no point for a reward for such a chore, but it will motivate you, even if it is something small. It could be anything: to watch a movie, to buy something, to treat yourself to a fine meal, etc. Only that you can do these things after you finish your daily or weekly cleaning tasks. This will turn cleaning into a nice and more pleasurable activity, not a time of the week that you dread.

Try these motivational tools next time you have to clean at home and you will see that sometimes the smallest ideas like these can make all the difference.

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