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Get Your Living Room In St John's Wood Looking Incredible
Published on Friday, 13 December 2013

The living room is where many families in St John's Wood spend most of their time together. For that reason, you will want to feel like it is as clean and fresh as possible at all times. The issue with dirt and dust is not purely an aesthetic one; dust is made up primarily of human skin, and if you have pets, then there will be some animal skin in the as well! Dust can carry airborne allergens and harmful bacteria, which is particularly dangerous for children. Cleaning has never simply been an issue of making the house look nice, it is as much about health as anything else. The living room often contains a lot of fabric; upholstery and carpets tend to be pretty prevalent in the living room, as it is a comfortable place of relaxation. With a mind to how fabrics hold smells, you will want to be keeping your living room in the NW8 area as clean as possible, to avoid the room growing musty and the upholstery and carpets gather the smells that waft in and out of the room. Have a look through the following tips on how you can make the room clean and airy with ease.

First off, the carpets. There are many ways in which to bring a carpet back to life, and until you properly clean a carpet, you will not know whether you are missing out on a particularly vibrant hue. The dirt that gathers in the pile will gradually fade the colors in the carpet, and as it happens pretty evenly, it is often hard to notice that it is even happening. For this reason, cleaning a carpet in St John's Wood, NW8 properly can make the color stand out quite amazingly. You will find that the cheapest option of home shampooing can be quite hit and miss; it is easy and does not cost a lot, but it can leave traces of dirt in the pile, leading to the carpet getting dirty again pretty quickly. The professionals will give you a much better clean, whether it is hot water extraction, or dry cleaning, but they can be quite expensive. You need to work out which makes the most sense for you. In many cases, hoovering will get rid of the smells that may gather in carpets, but if not, you may want to sprinkle baking soda or bicarbonate of soda across the floor twenty minutes before you vacuum. The bicarb absorbs smells very effectively, and will ensure that when you hoover it up, it should take the smells with it. This process works exactly the same for upholstery, just be sure that you get rid of all the powder when you are done!

If you have a wood floor, then you should polish it regularly, to dull the appearance of scratches. A wooden floor often looks incredible, but shoes and furniture will do terrible things to its appearance. If you have a dark wood floor in St John's Wood, you can lessen the effect of scratches by dabbing at the mark with espresso on a rag. The coffee color will stain the lighter wood, lessening it’s appearance. You should find that once this has been done, that the scratch is pretty much unnoticeable to those who are not looking for it. If you have a nice old rug over your wooden floor, then you need to be particularly careful with how you clean it. Modern methods may be harmful to certain materials, so always check with a professional in the NW3 region before you try anything out that may put your lovely rug at risk.

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