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Hiring A Cleaning Company For Your Spring Clean In Belsize Park
Published on Thursday, 16 April 2015

Thinking of having a spring cleaning done for your house in Belsize Park is a perfect way to usher in spring. You spend most of winter all wrapped up in thick, massive blankets and coats! You don't really care about anything aside being warm and you get a surprise when the weather starts to change and you realise that there is mess all over your flat, everywhere. You try and pick up after yourself, however, you find yourself increasingly tired and exhausted. You end up considering hiring a cleaning company to help you with your spring clean. You may have never hired a professional cleaning contractor to do anything for you before. That can bring up a lot of questions and thoughts before you think of hiring one, so we have compiled a list for you to follow! This handy list makes it so much easier to hire a company for your cleaning:

•    Make a list of everything you need cleaned in each room. It's tempting to think that the cleaners are psychic and know everything all by themselves! However, it is in both of your best interests to have this list, because that way you are sure that everything will be cleaned and the cleaners themselves know what to clean minus any guesswork. Clarify whether you want your floors and carpets cleaned, your kitchen, bathroom, attic, garage, etc.

•    Establish a budget for your cleaning. Ensuring that you have your budget established when it comes down to your spring clean makes elimination easier. Or in other words, any company that does not fit your budget is eliminated. It also makes comparing and shopping around for quotes in the NW2 area much simpler. You do not have to hire the first company that gives you a decent quote immediately. Always remember that if one company is able to give you a good quote, there will be plenty of others that will as well! Be patient and keep shopping around until you find one that does.

•    Ensure that the company always puts in the VAT on the quote they give you. It is a common practice for most companies to leave out the VAT because they are limited, leaving you in a mess. If you do not check this beforehand, you can be stuck with quite a bit extra to pay when you have had all your cleaning finished. Always make sure that any quote you receive is also valid for 30 days, should you choose to change your mind and go with another company because you found a better rate!

•    Hiring a company in the NW3 district should be simple when it comes to payment. Ask the representative how you are supposed to be arranging for payment. Do they prefer cash in hand when the cleaners are done with your spring cleaning or do they prefer the money in advance to secure your place? Either way, having the payment issue cleared out will make life much easier for both parties involved.

•    Be sure to check out their online portfolio. Any cleaning company in the NW6 area worth their salt knows that their reputation will precede anything else! They will be having samples of their work in Belsize Park and know that this is what gives their clients assurance to hire them and be at ease that all their cleaning is taken care of.

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