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How to Clean Bird Cages
Published on Friday, 18 December 2009

A dirty bird cage causes disease to your pet bird. So there's a need for everyday cleaning and weekly maintenance of the bird cages. Here's our tip for easy cleaning.
For your daily cleaning, things to prepare:
      basin with hot water
      brush or old toothbrush
      clean rug
      new liner
Step 1: Keep your pet in a safe place.
Transfer your pet to another cage. Be sure that it is far from the area  where you will clean the dirty cage to avoid inhaling the chemicals from cleaners.
Step 2: Empty the bird cage.
Remove the liners and removable plate under the cage liner. Before you throw away the liner, check your pet's droppings for possible signs of diseases. Remove also food leftovers and the accessories and toys. If you can remove the perch, or the balance where your pet sits, remove to wash it.
Step 3: Disinfect.
Disinfect the accessories, dishes and toys in a basin of hot water. You can also check the market for disinfectants that are safe for birds.
Step4: Brush and clean.
Brush and clean the toys, dishes, accessories and plate under the liner. Use bird-safe cleaners.
Step5: Change the liner.
Monitor droppings from the liner and change it everyday in order not to create a foul smell. You may also use old newspapers as cage liner.
Step6: Dry the accessories and toys with clean rug. Do not put anything on the cage if they are still wet.
For Weekly Maintenance, things to prepare:
            brush or old toothbrush
            cage cleaner
            clean rug
            bucket of water
Step 1: Brush and clean.
Using a cage cleaner and an old toothbrush, brush the top of the cage going to the bottom. Reach the crevices and hard-to-reach areas. Brush also the bars and intersections of each bar.
Step 2: Rinse thoroughly then let dry.
Rinse thoroughly then wipe with a clean rug until it dries.
Step 3: If you are sure that you have dried the cage well, you may now put your pet back to her station.

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