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How to Clean Effectively in Tufnell Park: Spring Clean Edition
Published on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Soon after the winter, we all look forward to spring in Tufnell Park. No break will ever seem enough to tackle the cleaning. Let us try to approach the spring cleaning with a clear mindset. Just like the weather, our house also needs a cherubic and vibrant atmosphere. You can have a few sessions over a couple of months or do it all in one go, from top to bottom. Let’s get the home cleaning started.

One step at a time – Pick a room of your choice in your home in Tufnell Park, N7 and finish it end to end. It is not wise to have a clutter in all rooms at the same time. Your aim should be to pack away the winter things and make space for the summer ones. In the process, look forward to decluttering as well.

Carpet cleaning – make it as good as new – Sometimes the colours of the carpets don’t spring out on you as they should. This is because your regular vacuuming is lacking the force or the carpet needs professional attention. Lift the carpets and give them a good shake to get rid of the fine dust and debris. A steam vacuum can do the cleaning job much better than your regular domestic cleaning hoover. If you have pets at home, use a fine brush to gather the pet hair and then get to vacuuming.

Furniture – It is time to move the furniture and give the backs a good cleaning. However, if your budget allows you, get a few statement pieces for your furniture like throws, pillows and rugs that complement the space. Fabric fresheners can bring joy to otherwise old furniture in the N19. Apply wax to the wooden pieces to do away with the rigid stains.

Label & organise – The kitchen is a place where labelling comes in most handy. Keep the similar things in one place to avoid wasting time looking for them. Arrange them according to expiry date, if applicable. Kitchen cleaning is an important aspect of house cleaning, so don’t neglect it.

Get rid of the grease and soot – The grease, soot and dust in the chimney can be really harmful to the family health in the long run. Use correct and safe-to-use household tools to make this essential part of the home in the N7 area perfect again.

Painting the walls – Before you decide to paint the walls, consider vacuuming them to remove dust and dirt. A light washing liquid, warm water and an adequately strong sponge can do the trick on the toughest stains. Give the wall enough drying time before applying a fresh coat of paint.

Garden good to go – It’s time to get that garden in Tufnell Park ready for water pistol fights. Weed, trim, re-plant and wash the plants. Set a chore for the kids in the house to water the plants, this will ensure enough stars on their board and healthy plants.

Faucets – Open the fittings of faucets and clean any blockages, lime scale deposits or algae formations. Soaking the shower heads in water and vinegar mixture will help a lot.

Donate/Sell – Share the things that you don’t need any more with those who can use them. Before packing away those woolies, pick the ones that you didn’t use in the last season. You may choose to add more household stuff, books, electronics, etc. and have a garage sale.

Seek professional help – The service industry is booming with professional cleaners who will do the spring cleaning with a broad smile on their face. Give them a chance and see the difference it makes to your home.

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