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How to Clean Your Home Effectively
Published on Thursday, 19 July 2012

Do you know the difference  between a cleaning and an effective cleaning? Believe it or not there is a big difference and you will find out how to clean effectively in this article. If you follow the tips suggested in this article, when you are done cleaning you will have a sparkling and perfectly organized home.

The first rule in cleaning effectively is to decide what you want to clean and how much time it will take you. Look around your place and decide which rooms you want to clean. If you are planning to clean the whole apartment, you should give yourself at least two days in which you will stay at home and clean.

However, you should be realistic when scheduling your time. Carefully estimate your free time and the work you are planning to do. 

I suggest you start with the windows first, since this is the part for which women usually cannot find time. First you should wash your windows with a sponge and hot water. Next, mix the water with some cleaning products which are proper for glass surface. Wash your windows again, starting from the top down. After that, you can use a white towel to wipe the windows and dry them. The white towel will help you see whether there is some dirt still left on your windows.  When cleaning the windows, you should remove the curtains and wash them in the washing machine.

When you are done with the windows washing in each room, you can move to your mirror. Since, this is a glass surface, I suggest you apply the same strategy as with the windows.

After that, you can start washing the floors. In the room, which you have tile surface, you can use several techniques again. First, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from your floors. Next, you can use cleaning products, which are proper for tile surface and mix it with hot water. Use a floor brush to clean the floor with the mixture. Make sure that when you are mopping the floors, there is no water left.
In the rooms which you have parquet floors, you can apply the same strategy, just make sure to use different cleaning product. You should be very careful when cleaning, because you can scratch the surface. For better results, you can use cleaning products which will not only remove the dirty spots, but will also polish the floor.

When cleaning the kitchen , you should pay special attention to the kitchen appliances. Make sure to wipe the refrigerator and remove every little spot on it. You should also clean the oven with scrubbing sponge and a water mixed with some cleaning detergent. This will help you remove any small spot left on the oven. Make sure to remove burned food with cleaning detergent and some scrubbing cleaning supplies.

When cleaning effectively your home, you should consider cleaning your closet as well. Make sure to have a different shelve for different types of clothes. For instance, you can have one shelve for your socks, another shelve for blouses and so on. This will make your closet more organized and will be easier for you to find something.

While cleaning it is a good idea to put on your favorite music, so you can also have fun. You should wear gloves during the whole cleaning, because most of the cleaning detergents we use are toxic and can cause  allergies and skin problems.

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