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How to Get Kids and Teens Excited about a Spring Clean in Wimbledon
Published on Tuesday, 06 August 2013

You may be looking forward to de-cluttering and cleaning your home in Wimbledon when it comes to your annual spring clean, but it’s likely not everyone in the family is as excited as you. Luckily there are many creative ways you can get the whole family involved by making your spring clean a fun activity for everyone!

As with all spring cleans, start with de-cluttering. Put on some music, set aside some bags and boxes and help your child separate their belongings into piles for keeping, selling, donating and binning. Take the opportunity to engage with your kid, and explain why de-cluttering and cleaning your home in Wimbledon, SW19 are important parts of growing up. For older children sorting through a bedroom can be a nice trip down memory lane, but don’t be offended if teenagers don’t appreciate your help!

Younger children may find it difficult to say goodbye to childhood toys, so let them know they can keep any money they make from selling their belongings. This is a great incentive for children of all ages to start sifting through their possessions. You’ll probably benefit from selling things online so try auction websites or second-hand bargain-hunting websites. For bigger items such as furniture and bikes try advertising in your local paper in the SW19 area. If you don’t think your child’s old clothes or toys will fetch much money individually online then try taking them to a car boot sale, or donating them to charity. This is a good opportunity to teach younger children the importance of donations and charity, so take the time to make them fully understand how they’re helping others!

Getting your children, no matter how old they are, ready for a big spring clean isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Try to sell the experience to your son or daughter with various incentives. Sometimes a spring clean just isn’t enough. If you’re looking to make small renovations or perhaps just decorate your home in Wimbledon, you might want to consider this as an incentive to get your child excited about their spring clean. Offer them the chance to select their own paint or wallpaper for their bedroom and let them choose their own themes and accessories. If you’re working with a small budget, try opting for room stickers rather than big renovations to keep your little ones happy. If you’re trying to convince particularly stubborn teens to break out the bin bags, try giving them their own budget to decorate their room how they wish. This is a great incentive to get older children and teenagers interested in a spring clean. Just make sure they run their ideas by you first to avoid any nasty surprises!

With a little creativity and imagination you can make your spring clean in the SW20 into a fun game for your young children. Find ways to make unappealing tasks, such as dusting or mopping, exciting and new for your child. Getting involved and giving a helping hand will always be appreciated by little ones, try to avoid just leaving them with a duster to get on with some serious work!

A spring clean is a great opportunity to teach your child about both hygiene and responsibility. Make sure your kids understand why a spring clean is necessary and how it will benefit both you and them in the long run. For example, even the youngest children will be able to appreciate how much time they’ll save being able to find the toys they want, when they want them!

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