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How to Get Ready For Cleaning
Published on Sunday, 04 November 2012

Cleaning is nobody's most favourite house chore. One of the reasons is that once we start it seems like more and more issues are emerging out of nowhere and we end up from doing just a routine cleanup to an intensive one. There is a lot going on when it comes to cleaning - being organized, knowing what needs to be done, seeing the problems, getting motivated and avoiding procrastination. Cleaning usually becomes a task that is so time consuming and exhausting, that we simply prefer to avoid doing it regularly. However, living in a messy and dirty home is not very reasonable. Preparing for the cleaning chores is a must - the faster you learn how to do it, the easier the cleanups will be. Use the simple steps in this article and you will see that cleaning can become much more bearable. In order to change your habits when it comes to cleaning you need to change your attitude. Your mindset plays a big role in how you see things in the house. Set your right attitude by putting on some comfortable clothes, turning on your favourite music and your mood will instantly get better. Having the right mood will speed up the process a lot.

Having a plan of what to clean and how to clean it will help you out as well. Look around and spot the issues that can't be postponed: a dirty sink, mud in the hallway, dusty living room furniture, fingermarks on the windows. These common problems all have a quicker than you think solution. Grab the dust rag and clean the shelves, books and furniture. Wipe down the cabinets and the drawers and spray some cleaner onto the windows. Wipe them down and don't forget to clean the window sill and the crevices. If you notice that you are getting tired and therefore losing motivation think of something nice you can do to reward yourself after you finish cleaning. Maybe you can watch a movie or buy something nice? These mental tricks will help you stay focused on the tasks in front of you. Set yourself a time frame - if you believe that vacuuming shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes, then do it quickly and watch the clock. Once you see that you can manage with a schedule you will feel confident and good about yourself. Make sure you wear something comfortable while you clean. You can also treat cleaning as a form of sport - you do burn calories while vacuuming, mopping and cleaning, so the more effort you put the fitter you get. You can check online for exercises you can do while dusting and cleaning the sink for instance. If that is not a great motivator then what is? Get rubber gloves so you can protect your skin while using some of the cleaners. Before you start cleaning make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you need for doing the tasks quickly and effectively. Don't procrastinate and if you don't have a certain cleaning solution, you can always make one yourself. There are plenty of natural cleaning solutions you can make just by using things from your kitchen.

Forget that cleaning is a tedious, time-consuming and annoying process, get motivated and it will be just like any other task. Change your attitude towards it and you will see much better results in the long run.

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