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How to Pick Effective Cleaning Products in Chelsea
Published on Sunday, 03 February 2013

There are numerous products advertised in Chelsea which claim to be the best. So, confusion as to which one to use is natural. No one wants to purchase each and every product available on the shelves, so we try to narrow it down. This is either done according to the room in which they can be used, or based on the type of surface material they can be used on.

What is a cleaning product? Well it is a mixture of chemicals, aiming to remove stains, bacteria and other substances from surfaces. In addition to making the surfaces in your home in Chelsea, SW3 look cleaner, cleaning products also contain chemicals which aims to remove contamination caused by microbes e.g. bacteria, fungi etc.

It is wise to categorise cleaning products according to the room they will clean and the purpose that they will serve e.g. kitchen, bathroom, lounge, laundry, garden etc.

When researching cleaning products, there are many cleaning terms which you need to be familiar with in order to determine what purpose that cleaning product serves. These terms will be discussed in this article.

If a product mentions the word solvent, it is a product which is primarily containing organic substances that aim to dissolve soils and stains. These are great for use on laundry and other parts in your hom ein the SW10 where soils and stains will be common such as the gas cooker etc.

If a product contains enzymes, it means that it has biological proteins which speed up or catalyse the breakdown of soils. These are commonly found in washing up liquids and laundry detergents.

Surfactants are commonly used on gas cookers, ovens, grills, BBQs etc. due to their emulsification properties. This means that grease, dirt and burn on products will be easily emulsified, making them easier to get rid of and clean.

Bleaches remove dirt and lighten the colour of stains due to its oxidation property. When using bleach in the SW3 district, it is always wise to dilute it.

In this day and age, the selling point of products is not only its ability to do its job, but also its repelling ability. We find many products which claim to repel dirt, dust etc. Most common of these are furniture polishing products. When deciding on a product, it is wise to pick something which has a repelling ability, since it will clean your house, and keep it clean for longer than a product that does not have a repelling ability.

Also, when choosing cleaning products based on the rooms that will be cleaned using them, the smell of the product needs to be considered.

Bleach is a product which can be used all over your house in Chelsea, both internally and externally. However, its strong smell means that it may not be the best product to use in the lounge, study room or bedroom. Something with a floral scent such as Flash etc. may be more suitable since it does not have a strong, overpowering scent. Most people will prefer walking into a house that smells like lavender than bleach, so make sure that you give the product a good smell if you can, before purchasing it.

Finally, the price needs to be considered. A more expensive product does not necessarily clean better than a cheaper one. So buy products according to your budget. A decent cleaning product is available under any budget, so don’t let that startle you.

Choosing the most effective cleaning product is not always as easy as it seems. With so many products out there, finding the one that is perfect for you can be tricky. Considering the above factors will make your choosing a lot easier and stress free.

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