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How to Resolve the Problem Caused by a Plugged Sink
Published on Saturday, 01 May 2010

Having a house of your own requires you to learn a lot of things; this is given if you don't want to spend an amount to call a professional every time you are encountering a house problem. One of the things you should learn is how to resolve a plugged sink. Take note, you can't always pour out a Drano to clear out the clog. The following tips will teach you how to keep the water in your drain to flow smoothly again in the event of a plugged sink:   Identify the cause of the clog. It's possible that something has built-up and caked in reason why the water cannot flow smoothly. However, it is also possible for an accumulated hair to cause the problem. If this is the problem, you need to get a drain with barbs stick instead of chemicals like Drano. Apparently, knowing the cause will help you determine which solution to use. Store simple tools in your kitchen closet. A plugged sink can happen anytime, so you are advised to store simple tools like drain stick with barbs, plunger, and a small vacuum. Use natural solutions before opting to use chemicals. You can use the combination of lemon solution and strong vinegar to dissolve the thing that is caking on the sides of your drain.   Now, if you don't want to experience the inconvenience caused by a plugged sink, you should make it a habit to pour a natural solution down to your drain twice a week. It is best to prevent problems before they happen. 

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