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How To Shift Stubborn Stains In Bromley Fast
Published on Thursday, 20 March 2014

No matter how clean we keep our homes in Bromley we cannot avoid the odd accident from occurring, it could be anything from dirty feet walking over carpets and rugs to a toddlers messy fingers dirtying your sofa, whatever the situation there is always a solution and the for the best results you should try to deal with the situation as soon as you can.

If you have just had a new carpet laid or a brand new sofa brought in in your home in Bromley, BR1 I suspect you would want to make it last as long as it possible can because let’s face it, they don’t come cheap!

To help protect your new items from accidents such as food and drink spills and muddy feet, you could always lay down plenty of rugs, tell people to remove shoes, ban food and drink from the lounge and use throw-over’s to cover up your new sofas, however most people would like to showcase their new items, not try to cover them up.  

Here, we have come up with some quick fix solutions to help you deal with any problem in the BR2 area, should it arise out of the blue, or if it’s gone unnoticed for quite some time.

So let’s say the cats just ran through your new lounge and left muddy paw prints in his tracks, what do you do?

Quick Solution:
You could leave it to dry out as mud tends to harden quite quickly and then can be vacuumed away, this usually leaves a little after-stain but it’s nothing serious and can easily be removed with soapy water.

Not everybody can face allowing mud to dry out on their brand new carpet and I can understand why so if you prefer to deal with it straight away, use something which can soak up the majority of the mud first like paper towel (so that you keep the stain to a small area and prevent wiping it around onto other areas of the carpet) next you can use a simple soap solution consisting of a little washing detergent and clean water to remove the majority of the stain from your carpet in the BR1 district, then rinse with extra clean water and a sponge at the end. This should do the trick but try to not soak the carpet too much as it will take ages to dry and damp carpets get dirty easily. You could use a towel at the end to remove most of the moisture then allow the carpet to air dry.

I moved my sofa cushions and it revealed a large stain which may have been there a while, how can I get rid of it?

Quick solution:
Long lasting stains have had plenty of time to soak right through, these are by far the hardest stains to remove but it’s not impossible to do so and to determine how difficult it will be depends on what the cause of the stain in your home in Bromley was in the first place.

It’s probably better to use upholstery cleaning detergent for this type of stain because it is specifically designed to remove stubborn stains. Simply apply the cleaner and leave it to work its magic, it may take a good 30 minutes and you may have to apply more if the stain is particular stubborn. Once the solution has worked its way through, use a scouring sponge or soft bristle brush and wet it, next apply this to area and work the cleaner into a lather by using circular motions, this should help to rejuvenate the detergent and help to lift the stain from the core of the fabric, it may take some elbow grease to shift the stain but be careful that you do not damage your sofa with heavy scrubbing. If the stain still exists, repeat this process a couple of times and this should help to remove it or at worst vastly improve the look of it.

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