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Intelligent Tips and Techniques to have a Fresh and Clean Bathroom
Published on Tuesday, 02 February 2010

One of the areas in the house that is prone to a lot of dirt and bacteria is the bathroom.  It seems to be an everyday challenge for home owners to maintain a bathroom that is fresh and clean.  However, with the following tips and techniques that one can follow, you surely will have a well-maintained bathroom all through out:
If your home bathroom was not designed to have urinals (for males) tendency would be a problematic toilet bowl.  In order to avoid urine stains and sprinkles all over the toilet bowl, talk to your male housemates to just sit down when using the toilet bowl. Always ensure that a cleaning kit (cleaning powder, air freshener, cloth) is made available under the bathroom sink. This makes it easier for people who use the bathroom to have a clean and well maintained bathroom.Regularly spray the bathroom.  You can use anti bacterial sprays and dehumidifier sprays to ensure that you have fresh and clean air in the bathroom. Constant use of these air freshening sprays will give you a healthy and nice smelling bathroom.
Doing and following these tips religiously will surely result to a fresher and cleaner bathroom. 

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