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Keeping your House in Finchley Pristine - Essential Cleaning Items
Published on Friday, 29 November 2013

When it comes to keeping our homes in Finchley neat, clean and tidy, the task is made a whole lot easier if you are armed with the appropriate cleaning tools for the job. Cleaning can be time consuming, boring, and is often a labour of love, necessity or a mixture of both. Therefore you need to give yourself more of a fighting chance of getting things done quickly and efficiently by utilising equipment that will make your life just that little bit easier, either through sheer quality of finish or through practicality and usefulness.  Here are our top few choices:

1.    A cleaning basket/tray
It may sound obvious, but it gives you the opportunity to store all your essential cleaning items and products in one place, and makes them immediately accessible when you need them. No longer will you cleaning cupboards in Finchley, N12 be littered with piles of cloths and cans of cleaning products, while there will probably still be a few the essential items will find themselves housed in a handy carry-case that will allow you to transport 90% of what you will need for most cleaning jobs in one trip. So when you are cleaning the bathroom there are no more runs up and down the stairs to get handfuls of cleaning products – they are all there in your basket or tray.

2.    A Hand Vacuum
Removes the hassle of vacuuming your stairs instantly. No longer do you have to plug in at the bottom and work up to half way before unplugging and starting again from the top of the stairs. They can also be useful for quickly removing surface dust from picture rails and other difficult to reach areas of your home in the N3 area.

3.    Lint-free cloths
Machine washable and re-usable, lint free cloths will cut the difficulty of certain tasks, such as cleaning mirrors and windows, in half. For those that perform these tasks regularly, you will know that when cleaning a mirror, lint and other residue that is found in most cloths and dusters is a real problem, causing streaks and unwanted marks on the surface you are trying to clean. Due to their lint-free nature you will never see any marks or smudges on your shiny surfaces again, as these cloths do all the hard work for you.

4.    A quality multi-surface cleaner
It may take a while to decide on a favourite, but we would always recommend you take the time to do so, as having a trusted and effective multi-surface cleaner will really make your life a lot easier. Some people prefer them to be unscented, others require a little bit more bite to tackle some more difficult tasks. At the end of the day it needs to be suitable and adept for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms with wipe-clean surfaces, and there are now a multitude of eco-friendly options available for the environmentally conscious cleaners out there in the N3 district.

5.    Versatile multi-surface wipes
Make cleaning stereo speakers, keyboards and vases a piece of cake with some good multi-surface wipes. Some do not recommend for use on chrome, so once again you will need to shop around for something that suits you.

6.    A magic eraser
Something of a cleaner’s secret, these clever little tools will remove scuff marks from walls and furniture. If you live in a busy home in Finchley where adults and children coexist to play out a whole host of activities then shoe scuffs and small scratches across most of your furniture and walls are commonplace and unavoidable. These little erasers will make dealing with them a lot easier, and are a must in any cleaning cupboard.

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