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Living Room Spring Cleaning
Published on Wednesday, 07 November 2012

You may be good at maintaining a clean and tidy living room, but all living rooms need a bit more than the usual cleanup from time to time. Spring is the perfect time for a full cleanup, a time to review what needs to be thrown away, do a bit of redecoration and a general cleanup. A full living room spring cleaning may take a couple of hours, but it is definitely not mission impossible. Make sure you pay attention to all the major points for cleaning, as well as to the details. Before you start the major cleaning process, tidy up the area, get rid of newspapers that you don't need and other trash. Remember that cleaning the floors should be done at the end of the cleanup. Check for any spots on the walls - some of them you can clean with a cloth, for others you can use a small rubber. After that, start dusting the walls and the corners. Continue with the shelves and the furniture.

If you have many books, framed photos and figurines it is best to use a dust rag or an old sock and clean them from the dust. Don't spray cleaner on the framed photos, use a damp cloth instead. You can also use a damp clean cloth to clean the books one by one. This is a long and tiresome process, so you can involve your family in it, as this will speed up the process. If you have any crystal glasses or china take them to the kitchen and wash them. Wipe down the cabinets, drawers and shelves and use a cleaner for wood where possible. Take down the curtains and wash them in the washing machine. Wash the windows fully - don't forget the corners, the window sill and to clean from both sides. Pay extra attention to the couches and sofas - if you can afford dry cleaning now's the perfect time to invest in it. Otherwise you can simply use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the upholstery. Move the armchairs and the sofa and clean under and behind them properly. Clean the slipcovers and wash the pillow covers. Wash the lamps and all the knickknacks. Unplug all the electronics in the living room and clean them fully; use a special cleaner for the TV screen. Clean the cords of the electronics too. It's a good idea to wash the carpets and the rugs. You can either do it at home or hire a professional. Think of ways to change something in the living room that will bring a new feel to it. If the room needs repainting spring is the perfect time for that, when it's still not that hot yet. Since a spring living room cleanup would take lots of time, you might lose your motivation or try to skip certain tasks. A way to handle this problem is by listening to upbeat music or an audio book while cleaning. Follow a schedule and set yourself a deadline - this way you will manage much easier and faster. Make sure that before you start you have all the necessary supplies and cleaners, so you don't waste extra time. Here are the basic things that you need for a spring living room cleaning: a dust mop, vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, a step-ladder, a dust rag, cloths or towels, a bucket, a sponge, a mild cleaner and a spot remover.

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