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Make Your Carpets In Marylebone Shine
Published on Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Carpets are part of the objects in a house or apartment in Marylebone that are most vulnerable to dust, dirt and any other small and little spots, garbage and anything else a person can think of.

The modern homes in Marylebone, W1 are more and more often designed with no carpets, with only clean and bare floors, laminates or tiles, that are easy to be cleaned and do not take much efforts. However nothing can compare with the cozy and welcoming atmosphere that the hairy soft carpet will create.

When you have decided to cover your floors with carpets, you have to know that you will probably have more problems and cares to take for them in the future. That is why it is important to know some easy and successful ways to clean stains from them and to keep them shining and nice for longer.

The stains, that are not so hard and can happen everyday can be easily removed from the carpets in three general simple ways. First thing to try is to use baking soda. When the spot is fresh, this can be very useful technique. You can spill it dry directly on the stain and then let it foam and bubble. Do not let it soak. When it stays like this for several minutes, you can then wash the spot or sponge it with water.

The older stains are a bigger challenge, but still there are some ways that can be very effective for removing them from your carpets in the NW1 area. You can make at home special solution, prepared from two parts of detergent, three parts of vinegar and warm water. Sponge the stain and repeat the procedure if it is needed. Usually one time is not enough, because the old stains are more stubborn.

The third way is very unusual, but it has proved like successful. Cover the stain with shaving cream and make it foam on the place. After some time clean it with dry cloth and rinse.

Some stains though do not go out so easily and they need special treatment. The most common stains in the W1 are from food and drinks. The wine can be cleaned with soda or salt, which will be put on the spot and in some time they will fully absorb the wine. Before rinsing, vacuum the salt or the soda with the vacuum cleaner.

Coffee stains are common problem for everybody that has carpets in their homes. This kind of spot needs immediate reaction, or otherwise they may not be removed at all. This stain can be treated with solution of detergent, water and vinegar. Apply it as fast as you can on the carpet and let it dry like this. When the stain is big, you may need to do the same with dry-cleaning fluid and leave it get dry again.

The pets cause significant damage on the furniture and carpets are the second most common reason for stains. The spots made by pets can be cleaned with solution of vinegar, detergent and water, but this time the quantity of the detergent should be significantly less. In some cases the detergent can be replaced with ammonia. You should rinse the area with the spot.

No matter if you have stains or not on your carpet in Marylebone, you have to maintain and clean them periodically. If you can afford it, hire a cleaning company to do all the job at least once a year. Otherwise you can clean them yourself with a professional carpet steamer. If you think that your carpets are not so dirty, you can always clean them with shampoo or soft detergent and leave them get dry. After that you can enjoy them clean and smelling good until the next cleaning.

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