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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner
Published on Sunday, 12 August 2012

Most homeowners are too busy with maintaining different things at home to find the time to clean their carpets on their own. Having a full time job can be quite strenuous and cleaning a carpet in your free time is not exactly a dream situation. This is the reason why more and more people trust professional carpet cleaning services. This way the homeowner can enjoy their free time and have a perfectly clean carpet within a few hours. However, finding a good carpet cleaner is not that easy and there are a few common mistakes many people make. Choosing the wrong carpet cleaner can cause a serious damage to your carpet.

Here are the errors you should avoid when choosing carpet cleaning services.

1. To Hire the First Company You Come Across Online - This is definitely not the right way to find the best carpet cleaner. Simply checking online or in the yellow pages and hiring without much consideration is a mistake. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing and one of them is the company's reputation. Just because a company comes up first on the list doesn't mean that they offer good service.

2. Not To Check for Good Guarantee - A good guarantee makes a big difference when you hire a professional carpet cleaner. Without a guarantee, if the carpet cleaning service is not good, you won't have a reason to claim that the cleaner does the job again. You will have to hire another cleaner and this means more money, time and stress.

3. To Choose the Carpet Cleaner Solely Based on The Equipment - the carpet cleaner does need quality equipment, but without the right skills, no equipment is enough to do the job efficiently. If you want to make sure that the carpet cleaners have the necessary training, check whether they are certified by an association of cleaners - this is a proof of their certification that they should be able to provide if necessary.

4. To Choose a Carpet Cleaner Because On Their Low Quote - this can turn into a big mistake in three ways. First of all, this can only be bait, used to attract clients, but once the cleaner arrives, an additional charge might be placed which will pressure you to pay just to get the work done. Second of all, the low price might be only for a "single-process" cleaning, which means that when the client asks for a "dual-process" the price will get much higher. Last, but not least, the low cost might mean that the cleaner only uses cheap equipment, even a rented one, which cannot guarantee a very superior cleaning result.

5. To Choose a Carpet Cleaner without Getting Recommendation for His Work- a word-of-mouth recommendation is always preferable, but also search information online from previous clients of the cleaner. Never trust only what the cleaning company tells you. Ask for references and base your choice on the satisfaction of other clients.

6. To Choose a Cleaner Only after One Phone Call - it's advisable to invite the cleaner at your home and require a written quote. The cleaner should see the type of carpet, its soil level and measure the square footage. This way he will be able to give you a specific quotation and you can be calm that there aren't any hidden charges or tactics the cleaner will use later on.

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