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Protecting Your Kids from Bedroom-Bed Bugs Bite
Published on Saturday, 02 January 2010

Parents are usually protective of their children and as much as possible, we don't want any harm to come them. We always make sure they are clean. One of the important things we consider in ensuring that they are away from any harm is by checking their bedroom if it is bed bugs-free.
Bed-bugs bites are usually itchy with some swelling and rashes. This may be too uncomfortable for your children.
So what do we need to do to protect our kids from bedroom bed-bugs bites?
Bed-Bugs Location
Bed bugs usually can be found on the bed sheets and mattresses. But don't let the name bedroom bed-bugs fooled you, these bugs can also be found anywhere in the house like the curtains, cabinets, cracks in the wall and ceiling. It is easily transmitted from things to things and from places.
Check these places and if you see some, its time to eliminate them.
Spraying the area or the bugs by a pest control product or a specific product for eliminating bed bugs is advisable. Spray the area repeatedly after some time to make sure that the bugs are really eradicated.
If you are not sure what to spray and/ or you cannot do it, you can always call those companies offering their services in getting rid of all kinds of bugs.
Bed bugs can easily be killed by a high temperature or heat. You can wash the mattress and the bed sheets in a hot water, put it in the dryer and also let it dry under the heat of the sun. Make sure that the mattress and sheets were totally dry because if it is damp, it will still be the perfect place for the bugs. With these cleaning measures, it's sure that no bed bugs will be able to stay alive.
Regularly clean the bedroom and any part of the house, starting from top to bottom. Patch those cracks in the walls, ceilings and floor. Wipe the cabinets and drawers with disinfectant. Wax the floor because it's believed that bed bugs are not that fond of polished surfaces. Curtains and windows should always be clean.
We cannot just let the bedroom bed bugs harm our children, let's fight it!

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