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Removing Algae from Your Concrete and Wood
Published on Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Algae create an old look on our roofs, driveways, fences and decks. It also creates a disaster because it makes the surface slippery when you happen to step on it. How can you get rid of these "boarders" on our concrete and wood?   How to remove algae from concrete roof and driveway   First method: Using copper Things to prepare:         copper strips         Algae are sensitive to copper so one of the ways to remove algae in your roof is to use copper. Purchase copper from your nearest hardware. Cut into strips and place on top of the affected roof. The effect of copper lasts for a long period of time.   Second method: Using oxygenated bleach Things to prepare:       oxygen bleach           garden hose       water       sponge   If you think nobody will pass along the driveway at the moment, it's about time to clean it. Mix oxygenated bleach with water. Spray the solution over the affected area of your concrete driveways. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. Scrub with sponge to completely remove the algae. Clean the entire surface using a garden hose. Let the air dry your newly cleaned driveway.   Third method: Using white vinegar Things to prepare:       a cup of white vinegar       1 gallon of water       old toothbrush/ hard brush       Your white vinegar in your kitchen is another effective way to remove this green in the concrete corners of your house exterior. It is safer than using commercial solution such as chlorine bleach. To prepare, boil 1 gallon of water and mix it to 1 cup of vinegar. The solution of hot water and vinegar must be applied over the stained area. Then brush with hard brush bristles. If you are to use this solution in your pathway, use hard brush to sweep the stubborn algae.   Some households use chlorine bleach to remove stubborn algae. Yes, algae may be removed by chlorine bleach but it leaves harm to your family and your environment.   How to remove algae from wooden deck and fence   Method: Using power washing Things you need:       Power washer   Power washing will do the job easy for you. If it is not available in your house, you may just rent. Powers wash your fence and deck from in an upward and downward motion.

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