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Simple ways to Teach your Child Clean
Published on Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Many parents try to teach their children about responsibility of maintaining a certain order in the home when they are still young. It is important to show a child how to be responsible and how to act in the right way. However, not only responsibility is important, but you need to teach your children how to be clean and neat when they are still young.

Here you can find some easy steps to teach your child how to clean his room and keep it organized all the time.
First of all, explain to your kid how he can benefit from having a clean and organized room. You should also explain to your child how much time he/she is going to save when having his room organized. If this does not work, you can also motivate your children by rewarding them with something when they clean the room. However, many people find rewarding not so good an option, since the child will do it only for the reward and will not realize the benefits of having a clean room. 

Secondly, to teach your child how to clean you can ask him to start with the easiest things. First, your kid can collect all the toys and store them in a box. This will make his room look more organized and clean. You can also teach your him to organize his clothes in a good way. First show him, how his closet must look like and then leave him to organize his own clothes.

If you want your child to learn more cleaning techniques you can have him clean with the vacuum cleaner the room. After cleaning the room with the vacuum cleaner, you can have your child clean with a brush and soap mixed with a warm water.
If you think that, this will be too much for your child, you can show him how to wash the dishes. Washing dishes is the easiest thing you can teach your kid to do and it is also one of the most important.

Make sure to explain everything about cleaning with the special cleaning products. You should also explain how harmful they can be and about the importance of using gloves while cleaning and washing dishes.

If you want your child to be environmentally friendly and to take care of his health, you can show your child how to make his own cleaning products. If you don't know what are the benefits of using toxic-free cleaning products, you can find a lot of information on the internet. If you have not used these products by now, you can also learn how to save money by using product with which you can cook, for cleaning as well.

By showing all these things to your kid, you will teach him how to be neat and organized. Your kid should create the habit of organizing  his stuff every day and to make his own bed every morning. Think of how much time you are going to save when your kid is taking care of his own room. In addition to that, you can have him help you with cleaning the apartment once he knows all the cleaning techniques.

A lot of parents find it difficult to motivate their children to keep their rooms always clean and organized. Truth is, not all kids like to put their things in order and be always neat. The most important thing when teaching your child is never to make it hard for him at the beginning, because you risk your kid to give up.

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