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Tips for a Cleaner Shower
Published on Friday, 11 February 2011

You can never have a really clean and sanitized body if your own shower is soiled and dirty. In order to have a truly healthy lifestyle, see to it that you are able to maintain a clean and germ-free shower.
Car wax is very essential in cleaning and polishing bathroom walls. It helps seal the pores of the wall and prevent it from absorbing stains easily. Apply wax on the walls every half a year. For general bathroom wall cleaning, you can use water and mild detergent as a cleaning solution.
If you have tile floors, a tile cleaner is good enough to keep your tiles looking clean and germ-free. Instead of car wax, you may use paste wax to bring back the shine of your tile floor. This will also help clear the water spots that have built up on your flooring.
If you want to get rid of ugly water and dirt deposits around your faucets, soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and put it around the faucet. Let the vinegar sit for awhile before scrubbing the deposits off.
Vinegar also works for stained sinks. Alternatively, you may use lemon, water and borax solution in wiping away stubborn water marks and soap scum. Oil can also be used to polish sinks.
Always prepare a cleaning kit for your shower. Regular cleaning of the shower will keep you from undergoing tedious bathroom cleaning. Add air freshener as well so your shower not only looks clean, but smells heavenly too.

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