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Tips on How to Clean Your Window Blinds with Ease
Published on Sunday, 14 February 2010

People naturally dread having to do some cleaning. But it's even more so when you have to do it tediously like cleaning blinds. What you want is to be able to do it with minimal effort and minimal time.
Well, cleaning blinds can differ depending on what material the blinds are made of. Fabric window blinds are generally cleaned using damp cloth while wooden blinds are vacuumed and polished using a furniture polish.
Vinyl blinds are less delicate though so you can wash them with water and dish detergent or other cleaning solutions. Simply wear gloves and start working by dipping a sock to your cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. Then clean by rubbing the blinds clean.
To make the cleaning easier, you can fill the bathtub with hot water and dish detergent. To make the solution stronger, you may also add some bleach. Simply soak the blinds to loosen the dirt and then brush the blinds clean.
At spring or summer though you can take the blinds outside and hang them on the clothesline. Then hose the blinds to remove most of the dirt. Clean the blinds better by using a brush to scrub them some more.
Alternatively you can fill the bathtub with ammonia and water and soak the blinds to remove the dirt. After that simply take it out and hang them on the clothesline to dry.

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