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Washing and Cleaning the Curtains
Published on Friday, 26 October 2012

Cleaning the curtains is something we rarely think about, but to maintain the good condition of your home this step is very much essential. The curtains, especially on large windows can be anything from a crucial accessory, to the actual backdrop of a room. Yes, the most important thing is for this piece of decor to be chosen well and to fit with the atmosphere of the rest of the room, but probably the second most important is to keep them clean. Luckily, you do not have to go through the process of taking down and washing the curtains every single week.  This article will provide a simple and easy to follow guide to keeping this essential bit of the living room, bedroom or kitchen in absolutely perfect condition.

1.    While you will not need to give them a complete wash every single week, it would be good to give them a touch up every time you vacuum for example. This really isn't that complicated. You can simply get a chair, climb up on it and carefully check the curtains for any small stains that are easy to take care of.

2.    If you do find any, there are a variety of options. For particular stains like red wine, ink, paint, grease, etc. you can use household products to dissolve them first - white wine, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or salt respectively.

3.    After completing this step you can use any appropriate detergent (carpet shampoo for example works wonderfully in this situation), to spot clean the stain. You will need a fabric brush to lather up and take out the stain and a sponge to soak up the water afterwards.

4.    After this you will simply need to let the stain dry up and your curtains will be good as new. The drying process might take a while, especially with heavier fabrics, so, if you like and if the spot is small enough, you could use a hairdryer to take care of it in an instant.

5.    If you need an overall cleaning, but you still don't want to bother with laundry, steam cleaning the drapes or  curtains can be a really useful solution. The benefits of this - the steam cleans a wide array of germs as well as repelling dust. You also do not need to take down the curtains to do this. Your drapes will look refreshed and as good as new. And, best of all - a steam cleaner is useful for all sorts of situations, not just curtain cleaning.

6.    Of course, sometimes the deeper curtain cleaning is really inevitable. In these situations, you still have too choices. You can do the cleaning yourself - most drape fabrics can handle a machine washing extremely well and you will probably be able to do even heavy drapes in no more than three washes. This will also save you money for a professional cleaning. On the other hand, washing the curtains at home is quite a hassle and requires certain things like a long clothesline and really good weather to let the drapes dry fast enough. Getting the curtains professionally cleaned at your local dry cleaner's will mean a higher price, but it will be less time consuming and generally less of a hassle. In the end, this is your choice and if you only go for a deep clean every few months, the service really won't end up costing you that much.

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