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Why Office Cleaning Is a Must
Published on Tuesday, 21 August 2012

An office cleaning service is much more than just emptying waste bins and washing the windows. Statistics show that regular office cleaning and vacuuming reduces the "sick time" of employees and the cleaner the office area is, the higher the productivity of the people working there. Companies should be aware of these facts and take cleaning seriously, by making it a key ingredient for the success of their business. Here is how things are done:

In order to get a service listing from a cleaning company, you can simply visit their website, send an email or make a call. Within a few hours or less you can have the estimated price and a prepared contract. Look for companies which specialize in commercial cleaning and not just residential cleaning. The basic things which office managers want from the cleaning services are efficiency, punctuality and speed. More specifically, they require that the restrooms are sparkling clean, the waiting room is tidy and has no traces of dirt, the windows and the area around them are immaculate and the floor is perfectly vacuumed and mopped. The right mopping of a floor is not such an easy task, especially when it accumulates dirt and dust from so many feet all day long. Mopping a floor has to be done with the right cleaning detergent, based on the material (parquet, carpet, marble, stone, tiles, etc.) and the water needs to be changed a few times because dirty water makes the floor even dirtier and smudges the whole area. Every manager should know that the restrooms also make the strongest and a long-lasting impression on every visitor, so they should be perfectly clean every day.

Why office cleaning is an absolute must:
?    It increases efficiency
The efficiency of the employees is the most important factor for a successful business. Dust, clutter and a dirty desk lower motivation and distract the worker. A weekly cleaning service is essential, just as much as it is in your home. Regular and professional cleaning increases efficiency, which increases profit.

?    It promotes health
The benefits for the health from a regular office cleaning are simply endless. Employees who have allergies will appreciate a cleaner office area. Employees will feel better and will suffer from illnesses less. And every ill employee costs working hours and money.

?    Client Perception
Perception in any business is everything and when you work in a tidy and neat office, which is always clean, your clients will respect you more and will also assume that you operate your business neat and tidy too. Nothing can put more distance between the client and the company as a dirty or disorganized office space. This small investment in professional cleaning will bring in many benefits.

An area you should take into consideration is the lobby, because it gives the first impression to every client and visitor. The lobby must be spotless, so if you have to, remind the cleaning services of that. Office cleaning companies are an essential part of many businesses around the world. With their wide variety of cleaning services, all sorts of organizations can find the best service for them and benefit from that. With a careful research, one can even compare prices and get quotes, specifically for the location they want cleaned.

Determine what exactly you need from the cleaning services from the very beginning and how often you require their services. In order for them to be able to meet your needs, they will need essential information: your requirements, budget, working hours, square feet of the office space and other details.

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